Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year, new blog

The timing just seemed right to kick off a new blog devoted entirely to Michigan sports and my Wolverines PCs:  it's a brand new year, we're just a couple days away from Michigan's Sugar Bowl matchup with the Hokies, and really, ever since I created TMG, a blog ostensibly geared towards baseball, I've focused more on Michigan stuff than anything else.  There's a reason for that:  while baseball is my first love, I've been a lifelong Michigan fan and continue to carry that in my blood since graduating from there in 2005, and I continue to live in Ann Arbor, surrounded be greatness--past, present and future.  Though I've cheered it at the top of my lungs repeatedly, I've never ironically spoken the words "It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine."
If you've been on North Campus you know exactly where this is
So here we are--a blog that I expect to have a much smaller (but hopefully more devoted) audience than my other project, but one that will allow me to be more focused on something I enjoy more without the guilt of alienating fellow collectors and bloggers who understandably skew more towards the more popular baseball side of the hobby.  While I plan many posts centering around my collections from all four major sports, I also intend to provide useful content not directly related to those, such as game previews and recaps, updates on players in the pros, and hobby news pertaining to Michigan players.  I hope this combination of content proves to be entertaining and useful to the few of you who might choose to follow.  In short, my goal is to offer a place where both I and fellow Michigan Men can feel right at home.
Go Blue!


  1. Good luck with the new blog!


  2. Looking forward to reading this. Or more, looking at the cards. I almost unfollowed your other one because of all the Tiger crap anyways. Lol

    GO BLUE!!!

  3. Big thanks to both of you for following! Larry, have a Flaming Moe on me, and Jeff, learn to live with the Tigers being better than the White Sox for while...