Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Super St. Pat's blaster

As you know if you read TMG today, I picked up three blasters at Meijer because I had some stuff to return.  Two of them were appropriate for posting over there, but one of them, thanks to what I pulled, ended up over here.  Here's how I did:

2008 Press Pass Legends:  I've acquired a couple hits from this product but hadn't ever been able to find any packs of it until today.  It offered a guaranteed hit among its three packs of four cards for $15.  Since there were only 12 total cards, I thought I'd show off everything:
 All the base:  Aqib Talib, Kevin Smith, Chris Long, Roger Craig, Devin Thomas, Andre Woodson, Brett Favre, Jamaal Charles
 A couple base backs:  a legend (Favre) and a rookie (Smith)
 The inserts:  Jordy Nelson Bronze (#653/999); Andre Caldwell Silver (#349/499); Chris Long All Conference (1:7)
The hit:  Mario Manningham Saturday Signatures Red auto

For only including three packs, that was a fun rip.  The base look great and feature some excellent players, and the inserts are pretty good.  Obviously, though, I was thrilled about pulling the Manningham, the second time I've done so from a box (the other was an '08 Topps auto).  I had to laugh, though, since I picked up this very Mario not that long ago, probably on COMC.  It's even funnier because the Red versions are a bit harder to pull.  I can't complain at all, though--it was a fun pull, and now I have yet another card to flip Jeff's way, since I know he'll happily take it off my hands.  I'd definitely buy one or two more of these if I saw them again, so hopefully I will.  GO BLUE!


  1. You pulled that? You suck. And you know I want that card. Lucky bastard.

  2. Too Many Manninghams pulled a Manningham! Now it really is too Many Manninghams. I think I just broke the "m" key on my keyboard.

    1. No way, I want MOAR MANNINGHAMS! MOAR! Ok, now MY "M" key is broken. Perfect, thanks, Play at the Plate. Crap, now my "P" key is worn out!