Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cheap Ebay Pick-ups, U of M Style

Hello all, Jeff here with a couple more Ebay Pick-ups.  If your following my other blog (My Sports Obsession) then you’ll be getting to see a bunch of these.  But because EVERYBODY loves Michigan, they are a lot harder to come by cheap.  But I did get a few.  We’ll start off with a Fab Five member just because Michigan won the Big Ten Conference this year.  And our celebration for making the NCAA tourney as well.
  • Jalen Rose - 1995 Ted Williams What’s Up rookie ($.54)
This isn’t a bad scan, that’s really what the card looks like it.  It has a really funky texture to it.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  But it’s of Jalen Rose.  The Fab Five were one of the reasons I came to love Michigan.
  • Greg Mathews – 2010 Sage HIT Autograph ($2.50/shipped)
I do pay up to $3 for autos of players I remember watching so I went ahead and paid $2.50 for this card.  Greg Mathews, Michigan uniform, autographed, and my lucky #13, really, how could I go wrong?
But the main reason for this post is to show off my son’s pinewood derby car.  He went over to grandpa’s house to make this because I don’t know Jack about tools so I had nothing with the design.  My mother suggested the hood but everything else was all him.  What do you think it is?  Batman!  Spiderman!  Legos!  Nope, this is what he came up with.
Not sure why the left picture turned all blue, but the right picture shows its colors.  He races on Saturday so I’ll let you all know how he does.
To go along with all the great pick-ups that Dennis is posting, I’ll have some that he sent me, I have to scan them so it may not happen till this weekend.  Plus I’ll be watching Michigan playing in the tourney Friday night so I’ll get to it when I can but they are some awesome cards that make my collection all the more cooler.  The wait will definitely be worth it, you’ll see.

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  1. Like the cards, LOVE the car. The kid really is a chip off the old block, huh? Tell him I said good luck and that he should be among the leaders and best.