Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catching up is hard to do: another trade post featuring Jeff

Sorry again for the recent dearth of posts, but fortunately I'm pretty much over the Mongolian Death Cold that pretty much sapped any energy I had for about the last week.  So, now I can return to important things, like giving credit where it's due with another fantastic trade post.  And who better to trade with than fellow TMM writer Jeff?

You'll have to head over to the other blog to see the balance of this package, but here's the tremendous Maize and Blue portion of it for your enjoyment because this is a MICHIGAN blog, fergodsakes!

Bernard Robinson 2004-05 SP Signature Authentic Signatures auto

On the heels of Jeff's timely Michigan basketball post, in which he showed off a Robinson auto of his own, comes this new addition to my basketball PC.  This kind of card is difficult to scan right, but it really does look great, and it's awesome to have a new member in the basketball PC, especially since I'm terrible at picking those up myself.  Speaking of Michigan basketball, HOW 'BOUT THAT MICHIGAN BASKETBALL?!

Before I get to the rest of the football, here's a couple of extremely excusable doubles which were probably still on my wantlist when Jeff picked these up:
Adrian Arrington 2008 Stadium Club auto RC

Brandon Graham 2010 Absolute Spectrum auto RC (#281/299)

While I don't personally need these, they're now available as trade bait to a fellow Michigan collector, or anybody, really.  Someone should snap them up--they look awesome!
Adrian Arrington-Mario Manningham 2008 Bowman Sterling dual auto
Easily my favorite of the bunch--two outstanding Michigan WRs who went out as bowl winners, two great autographs, one gorgeous, shiny card!

Anthony Thomas 2001 Fleer Genuine Future Swatch jersey RC (#0766/1000)
Another one I really enjoyed because it's got a very pleasing design and is satisfyingly numbered on the back with Fleer's awesome stamp.  I already have classmate David Terrell's version, too.

Brandon Graham 2010 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto RC
Sweet!  A Graham RC I didn't have!  That's not a comment on receiving the dupe above, but a reference to the fact that I have so many of them from his rookie year I'm not sure how many I'm even missing at this point.

Chris Perry 2004 Topps auto (#125/999)
I knew for sure I needed this one because it came straight off my wantlist.  I'm thrilled Jeff sent it because it looks exactly as great as I hoped it would.

Mario Manningham 2008 Upper Deck Game Day Gear jersey
I believe Jeff had these all picked out before Super Mario's Super Bowl heroics, so that makes him more of a visionary than Nostradamus or an octopus or whatever.  The card shows a determined Manningham ready to bust a big one, and that came true four short years later.

All in all, an excellent package, not even taking into account the baseball portion, which I'll get to as soon as possible.  While I've still got your attention (or not), here's a few milestones this trade package hit for my Michigan PC:
  • 550 cards (551 now)
  • 440 football
  • 4th unique basketball player
  • 24th Adrian Arrington (STILL all autographed!)
  • 15th Anthony Thomas
  • 10th Brandon Graham
  • 20th Chris Perry
  • 15th Manningham relic (28 cards overall)
It figures this would be a milestone-filled trade since Jeff was involved.  Thanks again for the trade, and sorry to take so long to get it posted.  Hopefully I'll be back with new stuff much sooner this time!


  1. You are welcome, it's the least I can do with all the great cards you've gotten me in the last year or so. I saw that Manningham/Arrington dual auto and had to get it for you. I really liked that card, it was lucky it doesn't fit in my collection because I really wanted to keep it.

    As you can tell, I'm a little behind on my reading of blogs.

    1. See, I'd have a hard time not keeping the dual auto either, which is why I tend to try to get dupes for people I'm trading with. It's more selfish in some ways, but really that way, everyone wins!