Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to pick a winner!

Here's something that'll hopefully brighten someone's Monday:  it's time to pick the winner of TMM's first contest.  One more time, a look at the loot:

Ok, so first, our nine entrants, in the order I received them:
And now we randomize them three times:


And now the winner:
A big congratulations to new reader/follower Hackenbush, who was rewarded for his efforts with a bunch of free stuff.  While I get his bonus items (and maybe more, since he's a non-White Sox Chicago fan (sorry, Jeff!) I may have some team stuff he'll appreciate) and contact him with details, make sure to check out his blog,

Thanks again to everyone who participated--I was very happy to get nine participants, and that'll definitely encourage me to do more of these, hopefully often enough to keep your interest.  Until the next time, good luck on the multitude of other contests run by your favorite bloggers, and GO BLUE!


  1. Thanks again for the contest and the shout out. My header looks better here than on my blog. I've been thinking of updating it.

    1. No problem, and at least you have a real title header--mine (on both blogs) is just boring text!

  2. Thanks for the contest. I'm proud to bring up the rear! I'm the first last place guy you'll ever have!

    1. Sorry you didn't win, but thanks for entering, that's high praise coming from the king of contests!