Sunday, February 12, 2012

Michigan basketball

Just a quick post.  I’m typing this as I watch the end of the Illinois vs. Michigan game.  I’ll probably post it later tonight since Dennis just put a post up about his first contest here at TMM.  I love watching our Wolverine basketball team when they play at home.  They are undefeated at home, and if they played in visitors arenas as well as they do at home they would be damn near undefeated overall. 

We’ve had some great play off the bench, which we haven’t had since they put Stu Douglas in the starting line-up a week or so ago.

Hardaway has been hitting some shots, which he hasn’t done nearly all season. 
Zack Novak
And you can’t forget about the heart of this team, Zach Novak.  He just plays all aspects of the game with passion and toughness.
Trey Burke just gets better and better every game.  I think he’s the difference in our team this year.  He has had an already impressive Freshman year.  I can’t wait to see him playing the NCAA tourney when everybody steps up their games.  It’s definitely an exciting time for Michigan basketball.
I’ve watched most of the games this year, which is the first time I’ve really watched any college basketball in a very long time.  Maybe even since the fab 5 years.  I watch a little bit come tourney time, but never full games.  But as much as I love watching them this year, a very small part of me can’t wait until they are no longer at Michigan just so they can sign some cards in their Michigan uniforms for my collection.
And speaking of Michigan basketball, I got my last package from ebay sometime last week.  I’ve already sent out most of those packages to Dennis yesterday, hopefully he’ll be happy with what I got him.  Most of it was Wolverines so you should see them here when he gets them posted.  I also received one more card for my collection in that package.
Bernard Robinson Sage autograph.  I have very few Michigan basketball cards so this was a welcome addition.  Especially at the $1.98/shipped price I paid with combined shipping on the other items.
Be sure to check out the 1st contest here, at TMM.  All it takes is a comment to win some great autos, relics and rookies.  And he’ll even throw in some extra cards of your favorite team.  And if you know Dennis lately, extra cards means EXTRA cards.  Not saying he’ll ship you a whole box of cards, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

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  1. I agree about Burke being THE difference this year, though definitely some impressive play overall. Although the Robinson is from a year where the stickers they used were a bit annoying, I really like it (plus I have next to zero basketball as well). GO BLUE!