Monday, February 13, 2012

This Cazzie post is brought to you by the letter "G"

This post ties in nicely with Jeff's from yesterday, at least in terms of subject matter.  Today's mail brought another welcome addition to my Michigan PC:

Cazzie Russell 2011-12 SP Authentic By the Letter G patch auto (#18/50)

Unless your memory is terrible, I grabbed my first of these a week ago today.  I liked the look of these so much that I decided to set out and grab the remainder to spell a beautifully signed "Michigan" nameplate.  This "G" puts me at two out of the eight and it only set me back $6 on the Bay after paying $10 on Blowout last time.

The going might get a little rough for a bit--if you look up the completed listings for these on eBay, you'll notice that they typically go for $5-$15 delivered, which is a fairly reasonable range.  eBay sellers being eBay sellers, though, are asking for $20+, and often $30 BIN, which is just insane.  I don't understand how these guys can afford to list cards at prices no reasonable human would pay, then let them sit there month after month.  I made fair offers on a couple that had the offer feature enabled and was met with auto-replies that they'd been immediately rejected.  Enjoy NOT selling your cards, jackasses. /eBay rant over

Anyway, if you compare this to the previous card, you'll see that Cazzie's autograph is pleasantly consistent, which is even better when a sig looks as nice as his does!

I hope I have the entire nameplate to show off to all of you before long because that'll be a fun and rewarding accomplishment.  In the spirit of a collecting community, if you happen to see any of the remaining letters at reasonable prices, please let me know--I'll be happy to do the same for you during my usual perusals of eBay, COMC, Blowout, Sportlots, etc.

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