Friday, September 28, 2018

2018 trade package #12: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

The theme of this trade package from Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store is "insane".  As it's insane that he's sent me 53 envelopes (and counting) that I've posted on this here blog, packages filled with a crazy number of cards that have filled sets and player collections.  What was so nuts about the latest one that arrived recently?
Let's start with the insane design on this 2017-18 Spectra Neon Green parallel (#19/49) of Chris Webber.  Not only is it the cardboard version of LSD, it also gave me a flashback to Upper Deck's HoloGrFx.  That's UD hallucinations in both posts tonight!
Former Michigan DE Frank Clark had freakish talent and put up some great numbers in college.  But Clark, pictured here on a 2018 Donruss base card, was insane to think he'd get away with doing and saying some terrible things towards women, behavior totally unfit for any human being, much less a Michigan Man.
The quantity and quality of the hockey content Doug's sent me over 50+ packages is insane, and at some point maybe I'll even go through each post and total it up to try to put a number on it.  But for now I'll happily enjoy more of the fruits of his bread-and-butter repacks.

This time that includes lots of this year's OPC (more in the next scan) such as stalwarts Mike Cammalleri and Carl Hagelin plus young gun JT Compher.  The latter is joined by fellow up-and-comers Zach Hyman and WolverWing Dylan Larkin from the last UD MVP offering.  As I said on TMV tonight that's my 20th Larkin card, a fun little milestone I'm celebrating.  New Penguins D-man Jack Johnson dominates this scan with a cool trio, and better-than-that-announcer-guy John Madden closes out the group.
Like I said, plenty of 2018-19 OPC, which was a nice boon to my collection this time.  Motte and Werenski have each only been around for a couple seasons while Trouba's a vet at this point and Patch is going into his 11th campaign, now as a member of the Knights.  It's crazy for me to realize that Pacioretty, seen here on another nice trio--has been in the NHL for more than a decade!
And at last we get to the craziest card of them all, a true 1/1 of WolverWing Luke Glendening from 2013-14 Panini Rookie Anthology's Prizm portion.  Doug continued his insane luck when it comes to breaking boxes (of this product and in general), and was also crazy generous in letting me have this Prizms Finite parallel as one of several super high-end cards he's sent my way.  Did I mention it's a true 1/1, as in not one in a set of four plates or something?  Simply amazing, and a great card to add to my small collection of Glendening (it joins an auto I bought and a relic Doug sent) and surprisingly large group of 1/1s (111).

I can't help but love the blurb on the back that highlights Luke getting to play hockey in-state at college, in the minors, and the NHL as well.

Doug, you are a crazy man with insane luck and I will do my damndest to pay you back with something (or -things) that equal or exceed the generosity you continue to send across the border.  Thank you, my Canadian buddy!

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