Sunday, September 23, 2018

2018 trade package #11: Chronicles of Fuji

If it wasn't already obvious from the eight other times I've posted packages from him here (or the 10 on TMV), Mark of the Chronicles of Fuji is a person everyone should get to trade with.  Not only did he give a nice boost to a bunch of my favorite baseball collections, he also went out of his way to include some great Michigan stuff as well!
Such as 80% of the Fab Five, looking extra fab in their college unis on some great Classic and Signature Rookies cardboard.  The SR Kromax cards look especially great and I'll likely peel them at some point.
It may look like Fuji Bipped me with five cards of the late Robert "Tractor" Traylor, but these are actually all different.  From what I can tell, cards #1 and 3-5 are base versions (#s 4, 46, 63, and 64) with the latter two featuring Stephon Marbury and Tracy McGrady, respectively, and the second is a much thicker version of card #36, leading me to believe it's a parallel.  More Michigan uniform goodness!
Speaking of which, how about this bunch?  I was extra motivated (e.g. at all) to post these today after Michigan's dismantling of Nebraska yesterday.  Most of these 90s/early 00s guys went on to some kind of NFL career, with Jenkins and Walker the ones who didn't amount to much.  That acetate card of Amani Toomer from 1996 Clear Assets is ridiculously cool and I'll be on the lookout for more of my guys now that I'm aware of it.  Marquise Walker was the other PC guy to get a bump today thanks to a 2002 SAGE base.  What are you doing, Marquise?  You're a WR, not a QB!
As was the case beginning with this evening's TMV post, the hits kept coming!  Braylon is seen here on jerseys from 2005 Upper Deck and Fleer's 2006 Hot Prospects.  That reminds me--before they won last Thursday, was 2006 the last time the Browns won a game?  Sure feels like it!  That's 73 hits of the former #1 WR.
Next is longtime QB Brian Griese, and I can easily call this my favorite card in the bunch.  a 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red jersey (#031/150), I'd love this even if it wasn't that nicer (and rarer) parallel.  The Donruss/Leaf/Playoff brands were responsible for some gorgeous designs for their hits around this time, and this one is simple proof of that.  I'm thrilled to add it as my 10th relic of Griese and 18th hit of his overall.
And we'll end things on a high note with a trio of hits of a guy we already saw, Giants WR Amani Toomer.  The solo jersey is a somewhat early example of a relic card from 2001 SP Game Used Edition and stars a nice Giants blue swatch.  Then there's the big highlight in the form of a helmet piece from the same year's UD Game Gear Helmets offering.  I count just four other examples of that piece of equipment in my collection so it's definitely a rare treat, not to mention a fantastic looking card.  

Last up is a shared dual jersey relic from 2002 Playoff Prestige (#036/500) that also includes former Giants (and well-traveled) QB Kerry Collins (too bad it couldn't have been Todd instead!).  While Collins never tasted glory it was Toomer that would earn a ring with New York in 2007.  Thanks to Mark I can now claim 24 hits of the Giants WR great.

Once again thanks for your generosity and attention to detail, Fuji!  I hope I can respond in kind before long with some west coast winners.

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