Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 eBay purchase: Michigan memories

And once again I'm back after another random hiatus.  Besides the singles you saw somewhat recently I grabbed a couple complete sets on eBay, one I could show off on each blog.  I'm very excited about this one because it's all Michigan unis!

So what we're looking at here is a set that's apparently referred to as simply 1991 Michigan.  Put out by a company named Collegiate Classics (ok, name checks out) in--you guessed it--1991, it features 56 cards (plus an informational card) starring 58 former Wolverine greats from the following sports:  baseball, basketball (men's and women's), football, hockey, tennis, and softball.  Two women make the cut in a group otherwise dominated by football (26 cards) and the other major sports.  That's no surprise given the program's success, so design-wise it's the only sport that gets a different logo (the old block "M" is used otherwise) in the form of the signature winged helmet.

While we're talking design, the fronts are mainly white with maize trim.  A large outlined blue "Michigan" sits up top with "Wolverines" inset in much smaller letters.  The player name at the bottom is also blue along with the aforementioned logos, position, and years in Ann Arbor.

The backs start with maize surrounding a much lighter blue section that contains the write-up.  A maize block "M" sits in the upper-left corner, and an inset box repeats the name, position, and college year info.  These cards are not numbered and are sorted alphabetically by last name.

Besides being filled with football greats this set is cool because it gives me nice oddball additions (again, in Michigan uniforms!) to seven of my baseball PCs plus one hockey guy:  Jim Abbott, Barry Larkin, Hal Morris, Chris Sabo, Ted Sizemore, Lary Sorensen, Gary Wayne, and Red Berenson.  (Former pitcher-turned-superagent Casey Close is also in the mix, and if I can find more cards of him I'll consider creating an album.)

With all that in mind I didn't consider the $11+ price tag too steep.  It's not like it's super easy to find for sale as a set and it doesn't make sense to piece it together.

Here's all 56 cards, front and back:
That's all for this bunch, but stay tuned to TMV for a baseball boxed set that I think many of you will appreciate.

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