Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/4/17 card show report: show me some Wolverines

As I mentioned on TMV this evening, I plan on returning to trade posts soon, but wanted to show off some purchases as well.  Plus, just as I did over there, I've updated my singles and players wantlist page so it's hopefully more useful to those of you tracking down trade bait for me, including mentioning specific cards I want.

So that Saturday show was quite beneficial to a number of my baseball PCs, but I also had some luck finding a few Michigan additions as well, mostly of the football variety, but with one hockey example as well:

Crazy Legs!  I showed off my brand new autograph of him a couple weeks ago and now I have a couple more cards to go with it.  These are from the 1994 Topps Archives sets that reprinted cards from the 1956 and '57 sets.  These remind me of how great some of the old football designs looked  (aside from recycling images!) and that I really should try to track down more vintage stuff from that sport.  I'm chasing Hirsch's 1950 Bowman RC for my football rookie project, but as expensive as that is I bet I'll have more luck getting one of his more recent issues in the meantime.
Here's a nice trio of inserts.  Biakabutuka makes yet another appearance in the form of a Gold Medallion parallel from 1998 Ultra, another example of that product's impeccable design.  Campbell, meanwhile, probably isn't as well known, but isn't new to my collection as I'm chasing his RCs.  In fact, when I found this in a dime box I thought I'd hit the jackpot and found his Fleer Focus RC, the last one I needed of him, but this is actually the much rarer (#028/300) Stealth parallel instead.  Oh well, I'll be happy to own both eventually.  Finally, I spent another dime on a Scorecard parallel of an insert called In the Zone out of 2011 Score.  There's actually seven total versions of this card, which is stupid and excessive (if I call out Topps for something I should be consistent) so I think I'll just stick with this one.
Speaking of parallels, how about a pair of low-numbered ones of this here blog's namesake, Mario Manningham?  These were in the $1 box, but I got a nice discount by grabbing a few more, so they set me back less than that, not that I wouldn't have thrown down a George Washington apiece otherwise.

The one on the left is an Artist's Proof parallel of his rookie from 2008 Score Select, and it's #07/32, which is pretty decently rare.  The card on the right, a 2011 Donruss Elite Status die-cut parallel, one-ups (or eight-ups, I guess?) its counterpart at #03/24.  These are definitely "super" additions to Mario's growing collection and I hope I can have similar luck next time.
And finally, I was happy to land an insert from TMM's favorite Michigan goalie, Marty Turco.  It's from a 2004 Pacific set called Rise to Stardom, a fun insert that shows the progression of his career with a slideshow along the left, starting with a very young Turco and moving up to his success with Dallas.  If I can continue to find cards of him I'll be more motivated to start up a PC album for him as well, so I'll be on the lookout next time.

That's it for the February show but stay tuned for more trade posts plus some eBay pickups, and maybe more.

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