Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: Puck U

We're less than two weeks away from the Super Bowl and I have enough COMC pickups content for two more football posts, but I didn't want to forget the pair of hockey purchases I made as well.  There's nothing wrong with that anyway as we're smack dab in the middle of the NHL season!

I didn't go too crazy with hockey purchases this time--I mean, I already said I only grabbed two cards.  But it still ended up being fairly productive as I decided to target some players for whom I had zero hits.  After figuring out who those players might be, which meant scanning through a list of Michigan Hockey alumni who made one or more appearances on hits--who said it would be this much work?!--I came up with this pair thanks to the always helpful Be-A-Player product:
This here is Blake Sloan's signature from 1999-00 BAP Millennium, my sixth Wolverine player from that set.  Sloan, a RW, was a four-year player at Michigan (93-94 to 96-97) and was part of the first of two NCAA title-winning teams in the 90s.  He went undrafted and then spent parts of six seasons in the pros with Dallas, as seen here after his rookie campaign, then Columbus, Calgary, and back to Dallas.  Sloan then spent most of the rest of his pro career in the German Hockey League (DEL).  He actually has a few other hits for me to chase, which I might try to track down eventually, but I'm happy to add him to the collection with this nice autograph.
I'll forgive anyone that doesn't remember the one mention of Cam Stewart I could find in a search of this blog courtesy of a trade package from Condition Sensitive.  I didn't go into much depth about the Canadian LW in that post other than to mention he was from Kitchener, ON, like Doug.  Since he's officially joining the hockey PC today I'll point out that he was a Wolverine for three seasons:  90-91 through 92-93, and put up 41 goals and 119 points while in Ann Arbor.  Boston took him with the final pick (#63 overall) in the third round of the 1990 draft (a few spots before fellow Wolverine Chris Tamer, actually) and he spent most of his career, parts of four seasons, with the Bruins, adding stops in Florida (99-2000) and Minnesota (2000-01, his final season).  As with Sloan, I'm happy to have him as a new guy in the PC!

Today's additions give me a total of 47 different players in my hockey hits collection, and I won't stop even when I get to 50.

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