Sunday, January 29, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: Hart, Henne, and Woodson

My penultimate 2016 COMC pickups post features three of my four main football PCs (with the other, Mario Manningham, featured a couple posts ago).  Let's all take a gander at cards of Mike Hart, Chad Henne, and Charles Woodson!
Hart is up first, and you already saw the second and third cards here in previous posts--Mike's 2008 Topps Letterman RC and his Mini from 2009 Topps Magic.  New to the bunch is a 2008 Topps Chrome Copper Refractor (#012/425) parallel of his rookie from that set.  You don't see copper very much as a parallel anymore but Topps gave it a go a few times in the 2000s and I think it actually looked pretty nice.

These three give my Hart PC a total of 108 cards.
I'm showing off Woodson next since Henne is the star of today's show.  In Chuck's case, I scored a pair of parallels from the 2000s.  First up is a 2000 Score Scoreboard insert (#0356/2000), a numbered version of a base card featuring the all-time great DB during his first stint with the Raiders.  The other is another Refractor (w00t!) from 2009 Bowman Chrome, and as usual that effect looks fantastic on this design.  I love the photo of Woodson as he appears to be returning yet another pick (one of his 65 career interceptions), maybe even for a TD--he did take 11 back to the house.  This is a great shot of him with the Packers, with whom he'd finally earn a ring the year after this card came out.

A pair of cards gives Woodson a new total of 114.
As I said, Henne's our star today, which is no surprise as he continues to be my favorite Michigan Football player to collect.  First up is this six-card bunch, and again, you've already seen two:  the third and fourth cards which are his 2008 Upper Deck Icons RC (the final one I needed to complete all of his first-years) and his 2009 Topps Magic Mini).  In terms of the others, #1 is the Blue version of his Prestigious Picks insert from 2008 Playoff Prestige (#0346/1000), a shiny college uni card.  The same description works for the next card, Chad's base from 2008 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition (#294/299).  Panini's Plates and Patches makes its first of three appearances here with a Gold parallel (#44/50) from the 2010 product.  And speaking of gold, the final card is a Gold Zone parallel from Panini's 2014 Hot Rookies offering (#37/50).  As usual, I leaned towards numbered cards in my chase this time.
I also chased as many new hits as I could find (and afford).  From 2008 Leaf Limited, one of my favorite products that year, I found Henne's Gold Spotlight patch auto (#24/25), which features a beautiful three-color Dolphins jersey patch.  That's not the last patch card you'll see today!

Next I have three different issues from another 2008 favorite, SPx.  The first and third images show a couple variations of Henne's base set appearance; card #3 is what's considered his RC in the set, and that triple jersey/auto is numbered #298/599.  Meanwhile, #1 of that group is a Gold Holofoil Rookies version that keeps the same design but replaces one of the swatches with a piece of football, and it's also much rarer at #12/25 (hey, that's a Christmas card!  Gavin, if you find me another of these I'll happily swap you for it!).  Those two bookend a Triple Patch card--with an excellent four-color piece representing the "P"--as part of the Rookie Materials set, numbered 10/25.  That's lots of cards /25 today!

After those I have a pair of examples of more Plates and Patches cards, this time from 2011.  Another quad-colored patch card is paired with an autograph on a Jersey Autographs Prime Jersey Number card (#2/5!), and in this case I think it's safe to call this "prime jersey" a patch.  That ridiculously rare (and beautiful!) card is joined by one that includes "only" an autograph out of the Signatures Silver set, and it's similarly rare at #04/10.  Looking at all of these together makes me wonder how I got this many amazing Henne cards for so little!

Last up is the only non-numbered hit of his, a 2008 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs signature.  This is an autograph of his I've wanted for a while, and in this case I just had to wait a bit until the price was right.

A nice group of hits bumps my Football Collection total of Henne up to a crazy 98, a number that keeps him head and shoulders above the rest, and puts him very close to an exciting milestone.

One mark I did manage to break with this bunch, however, was 200 unique cards in his overall PC--a total of 201, in fact.  What's crazy is that almost half of those are hits!

And while we're talking about football hits, stay tuned for my final 2016 COMC pickups post "soon".


  1. I think you are to the point on Henne to where I'm at on Pat White. I'm pretty sure I have every non parallel auto out there.

    1. I'd be curious to see if you ever put all of them together at once. We can have a "Late 2000s Dolphins QBs that didn't pan out with the team"-off.