Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cards imitate life imitating art, or, putting the "art" in "Sparty"

A couple Saturdays ago I was glad to see my Wolverines end a very uncharacteristic losing streak to Michigan State.  After the game I gave some consideration to doing something card-related to celebrate over here, but then I decided that the win was very much expected given the way that the Spartans have cratered this year.  Also, I'm lazy.

But then this past week I had been sorting through a bunch of cards for various projects and happened to come up with a handful of Spartans in their college and/or pro unis.  "I could do something with these," I thought.  This weekend's gorgeous weather--65 and sunny in early November!--was the final bit of inspiration I needed.

Let's fire up the old grill!
Part of the card destruction inspiration came from back in April when Tim (GSHNoF) included a Buckeye in a trade package he sent me.  That's not how I roll, so into the garbage disposal it went!

This time I thought I'd take advantage of the mild temperature and sunny skies by roasting a few Spartans.  After all, when isn't there a couch burning in East Lansing?  So here's my contribution towards cards as an art form.  Also, naturally, it finally got me to do a nice thorough cleaning of my grill, which definitely needed it.

Go Blue!


  1. Don't you dare talk bad about couch burning.

    1. You think you know couch burning, but they have it down to an art in East Lansing. Note that I didn't say "science" because they don't know what that is there, but just watch their faces light up when you mention art. "It's finger painting and crayons time!"