Saturday, November 5, 2016

2016 Michigan gameday #9: vs. Maryland

Michigan took care of business a week ago in East Lansing with a satisfying win over the rival Spartans.  This afternoon they return home to Ann Arbor to face the Terps and their new head coach, former Wolverine DC D.J. Durkin.  Durkin is pretty well-respected around these here parts for his pretty solid defense last year (Ohio State game aside), and he's done a good job at least getting Maryland pointed in the right direction again.

But all reports seem to point to a defense that can't handle the run very well, playing right into Michigan's strength with a depth at the RB position envied by other teams in the conference.  Pair that with the fierce Wolverine defense and a team on a mission for a conference championship and more, and it's clear why Michigan is favored by some five scores.

While I don't expect quite that level of a blowout, I do see the Wolverines putting two or three different backs in the end zone at least once, plus a couple passes from QB Wilton Speight as well, followed up by a look deep into the team's offensive bench in the fourth quarter.

The stakes continue to be high at 8-0 and counting, and hopefully the team's level of play continues to match them.

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