Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2015-16 COMC purchases: insertmania

Continuing my quest to get all my 2015 and '16 purchases to-date posted, especially before my next COMC package arrives (and we really are close to the end!), here's a bunch of football inserts I grabbed from my favorite card-purchasing site:
Brian Griese 2008 Topps Gold Border (#0484/2008)
Leon Hall 2007 Topps Copper (#1693/2007)
Leon Hall 2008 Topps Gold Border (#0253/2008)
David Harris 2012 Topps Gold (#0036/2012)
Steve Hutchinson 2010 Topps Gold (#1898/2010)
Jake Long 2010 Topps Gold (#0039/2010)
Amani Toomer 2007 Topps Copper (#1505/2007)
We'll start with this lucky seven spot of Topps numbered parallels from 2007, '08, '10, and '12.  For some reason the Coppers were the cards numbered to the year while the Gold versions were /52 in 2007, explaining Hall's first card (a parallel of his rookie) as well as Toomer's appearance above.  Longtime QB Griese and a second appearance by Hall represent the following year's return to Gold.  We then skip a year and move on to a pair of all-time great Wolverine OL in future Hall of Fame G Hutchinson and former #1 overall pick Long.  Rounding out the group is tackling machine David Harris, a LB that was good enough to appear in flagship during a non-rookie year.  I loves me some numbered inserts and these Topps parallels always fit the bill.

Jim Harbaugh 2000 Score Franchise
Dhani Jones 2011 Certified Mirror Red (#034/250)
Jake Long 2008 SAGE HIT Saturday Colors
Mario Manningham 2008 Press Pass Legends Bronze (#185/999)
Tony McGee 1995 Pinnacle Trophy Collection
Amani Toomer 1997 Collector's Edge Masters 1996 Rookies (#0643/2000)

And now for a bit of miscellany.  I haven't accumulated very many inserts of the coach in khakis so the shiny Harbaugh Score insert was a fun get.  And if he's relatively rare in my collection, Dhani Jones is positively scarce; the well-traveled Wolverine has so few cards I should consider supercollecting him.  Long makes another appearance on this eye-pleasing college game-themed insert from 2008 SAGE.  Fellow '08 draftee Manningham appears on a numbered Press Pass parallel to go along with Chad Henne from the same set.  I finished up TE Tony McGee's rookies so why not move on to inserts like this '95 Pinnacle parallel that's Du-fex legit to quit?  Finally, Toomer gets his second numbered card of the day, and I distinctly remember acquiring this in a COMC trade with Tim from GSNHoF.

Marlin Jackson 2005 Bowman's Best Blue (#0833/1399), Bronze (#165/199), Green (#365/799)

This colorful trio of the former star CB puts me just two cards shy of Jackson's rainbow from the set (including autographs), though I happen to need the rarest versions:  both Silver cards numbered /25.  I think '05 Bowman's Best was a great looking set and I decided a while ago to chase all of Marlin's versions because it'll look really nice all put together.

David Terrell 2001 Hot Prospects Pigskin Prospects
David Terrell 2002 Finest Refractor (#168/250)
Terrell without A-Train?  Hey, that's just how things shook out this time.  This pair of early 2000s inserts was fun to grab--I mean, dig that die-cut, football-shaped, college uni card from Fleer up top!  In case you're curious, Anthony Thomas was not part of the same 20-card set.  Joining that gem is a Refractor, and a somewhat lower numbered one at that.  I could have done with more of the action in the background instead of that design, but I love just about any Refractor.
Tyrone Wheatley 1995 Pinnacle Trophy Collection
Tyrone Wheatley 2001 Pacific Dynagon Premiere Date (#008/135)
Last up is another player pair, and this time it's Wolverines RB coach and former yard-gainer extraordinaire Tyrone Wheatley.  I don't remember which Trophy Collection card I grabbed between Ty's and McGee's above, but they're both winners to me.  While I very slightly prefer the baseball version's design from that year, this is very, very close second and as always the Dufexed delight looks great.  That's joined by one of Pacific's stronger suits--another numbered parallel, and also another one I believe I grabbed from Tim, who has a knack for finding hidden treasures like this one.  It's shiny, the numbering is fairly low, and it's even on the front which can be a nice change of pace.

Ok folks, just one more COMC pickup post remains, but I'm planning on leading up to that with a couple other items:  my most recent eBay score and a quick show recap from earlier this month.

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