Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 COMC/Sportlots purchases: another Rookie Blue blowout

Since I'm still plugging along trying to get all my pickups from the last few months (and in some cases last year!) posted, and because I'd like to try to pick up the pace just a skosh, today's post is pretty much gonna be a dump of all the Michigan Football rookies I picked up from COMC and Blowout somewhat recently.  In a previous post about a month ago I showed off the cards I grabbed that were either the first I'd found or last I needed for various players; today's additions don't complete anybody's rookie run, but they still help with the project so I appreciate them all the same.

These are presented without captions or comments for expediency, so let's look at some cards!
By my count that's 98 total cards of 32 players, and 18 of those featured Michigan unis.  A bunch of them were numbered, so I don't feel too bad about not captioning anything!

After adding this fat stack my new project total sits at 942 rookies out of 1352 (with more to come from this year's rookie class, I would think).  If you take a gander at that checklist you'll notice I have another nice little bunch coming in soon (from COMC), so I'll likely be pushing up against that millennium mark pretty soon!

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