Saturday, June 25, 2016

6/5/16 card show report: putting the "UM" in "not much"

As promised on this evening's TMV post, here's the pair of Michigan cards (in addition to the Larkin you saw in that post) I grabbed at a show in Redford three weeks ago:
Charles Woodson 2015 Donruss Holo Back
Woodson would like to make sure you're all aware that he "ain't no Holo Back girl."  I hadn't busted any of this product so when I grabbed this card I wasn't aware it was an insert.  If anything I would have guessed that it was a hobby version and that the retail card would have a "plain" back.  While I think inserts where the only difference is on the back are dumb, I was going to buy this card regardless because, hey, new Woodson!
Dan Dworsky 2003 TK Legacy 1947 National Champions auto
Definitely my nicest pickup of the show, here's a sweet signature of former Michigan LB and very talented architect Dan Dworsky from one of my all-time favorite products, TK Legacy.  Unlike the M Go Blue autographs I don't have very many of these Hail to the Victors National Champions cards yet.  Right now I'm limited to Dworksy, Bob Chappuis, and Bump Elliott from the 1947 champs; Leo Koceski from the '48 team; and Chris Floyd, Glen Steele, and Tai Streets from the '97 winners.

My purchase of this card is also the best story from the show.  Its owner was giving me the hard sell on his stuff, most of which I wasn't interested in.  When I asked how much he wanted for it he gave me one of those "Uhhhh, I don't know what they're worth, make me an offer" kind of responses.  Great.  I offered $5 since I don't really care to pay that much for these individually, and he started by asking for more than that, so I walked away to the other side of the show.  He ended up tracking me down and offering it to me for a five-spot and I took it.  Way not to come off as completely desperate, buddy, but thanks for the deal!

Hopefully I'll have more to post the next time I cover a show visit.

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