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2015 trade package #20: Check Out My Wolverines from GSNHoF

Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame has done it once again, sending me a ridiculously generous trade package filled with stuff that fits great into my various PCs.  As is often the case, he flipped me a number of cards from COMC (some of which I asked him to grab for cards to be named later), plus threw in some he grabbed as part of a previous deal.

Here's what he sent this time:
David Parrish 2001 Finest Refractor (#082/241)
I really don't get to show of Parrish cards very often because he doesn't have many and I have most of them.  Still, I'd been trying to nab this Refractor of his 2001 Finest RC for years.  The price never made sense, but Tim used his pull as a COMC Jedi to get it for me, and now I have 19 of his 24 cards!  I know the Refractory-ness doesn't show up well in the scan, but that and the red border make this quite the beauty in-person.

The "cards from a previous deal" were this big pile of Wolverine basketballers from various years:
Rice and Rose
More Rose, Mo Taylor, and Webber
And a double-sided Webber that features future Michigan parent Glenn Robinson!

And now for the Michigan football content, including base, inserts, and rookies:
Avant, Braylon, and Henne.  The Avant Elite is a RC #d 290/599; the Topps Black is #23/54.  Of the two Stadium Club Henne parallels, the Premiere Edition is #19/50 (remember that number!)
Henne, Dhani Jones(!), Manningham, Perry, and Aaron Shea (also !).  Henne's Green Heroes parallel is #308/350.  My first Dhani insert is #021/100.  Manningham's Stadium Club Premiere Edition is--get this--#19/50!  His Gridiron Gear parallel is #21/25 and the Topps Black is #10/57.  Shea's RC parallel from 2000 is #77/99.
Because he was card #19, Woodson gets his own scan in the form of this 2012 Gridiron Silver X's which is #d 191/250.  Take it to the house, Chuck!

And now, the best that was saved for last!:
Braylon Edwards 2008 Donruss Classics Membership VIP Jerseys Prime patch (#20/25)
This baaaaarely multi-colored swatch with stitching is most definitely a patch!  It's Bray-Bray's milestone-reaching 60th hit, making him just the third player in my collection to hit that mark.
Chad Henne 2008 SPx Rookie Materials SPX Dual Patch 99 dual patch (#78/99)
Chad Henne 2008 Upper Deck Icons Rookie Autographs Rainbow auto (#016/135)
Chad Henne 2011 Rookies and Stars Materials Emerald Prime Longevity jersey (#52/99)
Wow, not just one, but THREE great Hennes!  I asked Tim to pick up the R&S card for me when it was very cheap but I didn't have any credit, and not only did he do that, he also scored me a sick SPx dual patch AND a new autograph!  If all of that wasn't good enough, these also put my collecting-leaded Henne total over the 80-card mark (first in football to do that) with 81!
Taylor Lewan 2014 Upper Deck Rookie Lettermen 'I' manupatch auto (#15/50)
This beauty of a Michigan uni manupatch auto is my second of Lewan's from the 2014 set as I also own one "E" of the pair.  The Spastikmooss was nice enough to grab this for me at my request as well, and I'll probably keep trying to add to the "WOLVERINES" name plate on a casual basis.
Mario Manningham 2008 Upper Deck Icons Rookie Brilliance Jersey Patch patch (#27/35)
Mario Manningham 2011 Panini Playbook Grass Roots Materials Prime jersey (#12/25)
The "Super" namesake of this here blog got repped twice in the hits department after a nice inserts showing above.  First up is a nice low-numbered patch with a bit more color than the Braylon above, plus some stitching.  Joining it is a beautiful multi-color "prime" jersey that's about 60% red.  It may not be a patch but it easily lives up to the prime label.  Mario, by the way, sits at 5th place in my collection with 56 hits, and is one of just five players to have crossed the half-century mark.
Chris Perry 2004 Sweet Spot Sweet Panel Signatures auto (#016/100)
I believe this is the final card I asked Tim to grab for me when I was short on credit.  Carrying on the Sweet Spot legacy is this manuthing signature of bruising RB Chris Perry.  I'm not sure why UD didn't go with something football-colored, but the signature stands out better on white anyway, so I like what they ended up doing here.  Perry is currently 10 cards back of Manningham at 46 hits.
Denard Robinson 2013 Panini Momentum Rookie Initiation Materials jersey
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Rookie Patch patch
Finally, a more recent RB in the form of Shoelace himself.  The Momentum jersey swatch is above-average in terms of the size of relics you get these days, and the Topps patch is one of very few of that type of relic that I've compiled to date.  As with the other patches today, there's no doubt of this one's patchy-ness as it includes--you guessed it--two easily distinguishable colors plus stitching!  Denard's new count is 21.

One other quick note:  today's cards pushed my Michigan all sports hit collection over 1600 to 1607, so there's another milestone knocked down by Tim!

Thanks again for some fantastic and very useful cards, my friend, and expect a comparable package from me as soon as I can get enough stuff together.

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