Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: Michigan Men, manufactured

For my last post in this series covering COMC pickups from May and June, I wanted to go out on a high note, and as is often the case, the football hits I picked up will be tasked with doing just that.  See what you think:
Jason Avant 2006 Playoff National Treasures Rookie Silver Combo Materials Signatures dual patch auto (#98/99)
This is my 43rd Jason Avant hit, and that number may include more quality or "prime" jersey and patch relics than any other player in my collection.  Or maybe it just seems like it.  Anyway, this dual prime patch auto from the high-end National Treasures set is top notch!
Mike Hart 2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars manupatch auto RC (#169/263)
Another non-Michigan uni hit I think Jeff can get behind!  Would you believe this manupatch auto set me back just $2.50?  Maybe that should be the norm, but while it isn't I'll consider it a steal.  I do have a Michigan version of this very card, along with a rarer parallel of this Colts version.  By the way, this is Hart #59 for me, so we're on milestone watch.
Chad Henne 2008 SP Authentic SP Numbers Signatures manupatch auto (#124/150)
Hmmm, two manurelic/autos in a row--do I sense a trend?  Here's collection-leader Chad Henne on an SP Authentic issue that includes and autograph plus a manufactured number patch.  I wouldn't say it warrants a premium for the presence of the latter, but it's a fun little addition.  Chad continues leading the way with a crazy 78 hits. 
Marlin Jackson 2005 Sweet Spot manuhelmet auto RC (#056/650)
Manurelic #3 in a row comes courtesy of one of Upper Deck's well-known Sweet Spot helmet autos that stood in for RCs for a few years.  Here's another Jeff favorite since he was a Michigan/Indy double-dipper, and a guy with a pretty nice signature, too.  This one will sit next to the rarer Gold version I already owned as one of Marlin's 20 hits (milestone!).
Taylor Lewan 2014 Upper Deck Rookie Lettermen 'E' manupatch auto (#38/50)
Manurelic #4 is one of UD's ubiquitous Lettermen patch autos, in this case donkey-hating LT Taylor Lewan.  My fourth hit of the big guy who wore the number made famous by Jake Long and others might just be my best yet, and it also reminds me of how crazy Lettermen prices can be--they sometimes vary from $2-$20 and more.  I was surprised to find this one for $4 even, as an example.  While my preference will always be the 2008 SP Threads versions, which had multiple parallels spelling different things such as player names (which make more sense than team names like this one), I'm thrilled to add this to my PC.
Chris Perry 2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven jersey RC (#196/750)
This simple Chris Perry jersey is the manu-combo-breaker, not to mention one of just two lowly relics in today's high-end post.  Hogg Heaven was a Playoff brand that existed in 2003 and 2004 (along with 2000 under the Absolute banner) during the era when there was a metric buttload of sets.  Goofy name aside, this is a solid Rookie Premiere relic of the stud RB, and it's my 45th hit of the former Heisman finalist.
Denard Robinson 2013 Absolute triple jersey auto (#080/299) and 2013 Panini Momentum Rookie Initiation Materials jersey (#084/399)
Somebody find a couple shoes because I got me a pair of Shoelaces!  The Absolute card, part of the brand's signature Rookie Premiere Materials subset, features a triple jersey swatch and, um, signature, not to mention the "I are serious Denard" photo.  Meanwhile, the Momentum card is from a forgettable brand, but it also has a nice photo along with an above-average-sized jersey swatch.  This pair puts his hit collection up to a surprising 20 for today's other milestone, and I'm always amazed how many of his hits I have every time I go to post more for some reason.
Roy Roundtree 2013 SPx auto (#296/299)
Here's a good way to finish strong--a beautiful Michigan uni signature card of Roy Roundtree, the WR that Rich Rodriguez famously "snake oiled" away from then-Purdue walrus-in-chief Joe Tiller.  He's seen here wearing the Desmond Howard 21 Legends patch, though those are apparently going away starting this season, and instead they'll be featured in 2015-16 by--really, NC State?  Ok, sure.  Anyway, this is my third autograph of 'Tree, and happily they each feature him in maize and blue.

That's it for the May-June round of purchases, but I have a lot to show off from another one that arrived just yesterday, and I really do mean a lot, especially for my growing rookie collection.  Before then, stay tuned for a couple wonderful trade packages, an eBay pickup, and maybe more!


  1. I liked the collegiate Sweet Spot Autos. I think you may have sent me a Noel Devine.

    Great group of cards. Roy Roundtree is a great football name.

    1. Me too, and I am one of the folks that sent you at least one version of the Devine. Thanks, and 'Tree was a great name AND player!