Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 trade package #19: Darius Morris wallpaper? SCFtDS O Can and Does

With this post I'll finally be caught up on trade packages, at least for now!  I'm always happy to write them up as they come in, though, especially to show off all the great stuff people send my way.

Today's haul comes from frequent flyer Doug of Spords Cards From the Dollar Store.  I'm not just throwing that term out there either--this is the 29th(!) time I'll have shown off the contents of an envelope from the blogosphere's Looniest collector.

Here's what he sent me this time:
Never say Doug isn't a man of his word--he promised me enough Darius Morris autographs to wallpaper a room, and these eight give me a great start!  Morris appears with the team that drafted him, the Lakers, on all eight cards, each of which hails from a 2012-13 Panini brand.  Four of them are considered RCs and three are numbered.  My favorite is the Timeless Treasures "Glass Rookie" card, which makes great use of a clear window to highlight the signature.  That's followed by the Select card which didn't scan as well as I'd have liked, but has a cool chrome feel to it.  There's no loses in this group at all, though!

I led off with these to show how amazingly generous Doug was with this trade and also to highlight a couple fun milestones.  First of all, Darius hits the 10-card mark on the nose to become just the second basketball player to achieve that feat (tying him with co-leader Cazzie Russell).  These eight also finally pushed my basketball collection count over 50 to 54.  Not bad!

Tyrone Wheatley 1995 Sportflix RC
The football portion was smaller but very productive.  Here's just the second Tyrone Wheatley RC that can be found in my Michigan Football rookies collection, though I'm working on rectifying that.  It comes from the always fun Sportflix product, specifically the 1995 version (which includes former teammate Todd Collins) and knocks a card off my COMC watch list.
Mike Hart 2008 Press Pass SE Class of 2008 Autographs auto (#075/199)
The other football offering is this numbered autograph of blog favorite RB Mike Hart from a 2008 Press Pass product.  Of course I love it because it's a Michigan uni card, includes a jersey number inscription, and the photo(s) depict a very determined Hart using his uncanny vision to great effect.  I now own 58 different Hart hits (one behind Braylon Edwards for third place) in my football hits collection, and the vast majority of those include Hart's signature.

Meanwhile the hockey portion was uncharacteristically small, but still great.  First up is a "Gold Parkie" parallel of David Roberts, a prolific forward for Michigan from 1989-90 to 1992-93.  The winger scored 90 goals and 247 points in his four years in Ann Arbor, then went on to appear in 125 games for the Blues, Oilers, and Canucks over parts of five seasons.  And speaking of Roberts...
David Roberts 1995 Signature Rookies Auto-Phonex Phone Cards auto (#1814/3000)'s my first hit of his!  It's a bit of an oddball, and I bet this'll be strange to anyone born in the 90s as it's a signed phone card.  You see, kids, in the days before cell phones were common, some of us bought these pre-paid phone cards so we could place calls without having to carry around change for pay phones.  These cards from Signature Rookies are great because you could have gotten some use out of them for their main intended purpose, then kept them in your collection thanks to the autographs!  This is a very cool find by Doug and makes Roberts the 37th member of my hockey PC.

Well, that was one of my more exciting recent trade packages!  Thanks once again, Doug, and maybe I'll have more stuff to send your way after this weekend!


  1. You just became a Darius Morris super collector in one trade.

    1. Hell yeah, that's the way to do it--let someone else give you a big start!

  2. I don't have to tell you I like the Mike Hart auto.

    1. I'm with you, definitely my favorite of the group!