Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 trade package #18: breaking good: another great envelope from My Cardboard Mistress

It's been a bit more than a year since I had a trade package from Adam from My Cardboard Mistress to show off, but I'm not complaining--Spankee always makes it worth the wait!  Late last June he dropped some nice Wolverines on me, and now he's back for more!
The basketball portion included this quartet of cards with the clear highlight being the Goodwin pairing Tim Hardaway and THJ, though I'd call Jamal Crawford's photo a close second.
Jalen Rose makes a second appearance here in the form of this very purple Raptors relic from 2004-05 SP Game Used.  Nice!

Moving on to football, I thought I'd kick things off (pun unintended, please continue to ignore it) with this lucky 7-spot of Tom Bradys.  The reigning Super Bowl MVP is very well-represented, especially with that 2008 Score Gold Zone parallel, which is numbered 307/400.
Lots of my favorite players here, and lots of Michigan unis too!  The Arrington, Hart, and Henne from 2008 UD Draft Edition are all RCs as is Chad's 2008 Score.  Hart gets double-featured thanks to an insert I hadn't seen from the former, and I'd say "College Great" sums up Hart's Michigan career.  A couple other Henne base cards precede a winged-helmeted Kevin Koger from a Leaf set.
Three more players to show off here.  Manningham is present on a Topps Magic Mini along with a 2008 Score insert of Super Mario; I didn't realize until after I scanned them that Adam sent two of the latter because one of them was the Glossy version, but at least I now know for future reference.  Former double-team magnet Mike Martin hails from the same set as Koger above.  And I got a healthy dose of Denard from this SAGE HIT/Leaf Draft quartet, three cards of which are airbrushed Michigan Unis.
The final entry in the football portion is this simple but elegant Henne jersey from 2008 Topps.  Designing a card like this doesn't always work, but I like how Topps took their basic 2008 design and added the relic swatch, even if it takes a large bit out of his torso.

Thanks again for some great cards, Adam!  Here's hoping that my Wolverines and your Hokies make some big strides this season back to the levels of success we're both used to.

By the way, readers, please check out the Tigers stuff Adam sent me over on TMV tonight.  Oh, and because this is a My Cardboard Mistress trade, I bet he'd appreciate it if I reminded you all to


  1. I was trying to think of some clever deflate joke, but I got nothing...

    1. I don't care what the corrupt commish says--NOT GUILTY!

  2. Just watched the 2008 Capital One with Arrington, Hart, Manningham and Henne. I forgot what it was like to have a team that could make plays. My wife heard the name Manningham and she goes "as in too many Manninghams?". Lol

    1. Yep--amazing that team didn't accomplish more (besides the 2006 squad that fizzled out at the very end). Also, I'm honored your wife knows my blog's name!