Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/2/15 card show report: winter's over Wolverines

As I said over on TMV this evening, it's too nice to be wasting this beautiful weather by sitting on my butt blogging indoors, but I did want to pretend I still blog sometimes and show off some cards.  Here's the haul from the show I went to last Saturday:
Barry Larkin 1991 Collect-A-Books and 1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now
Starting things off today we have a cool pair of Larkins.  The Collect-A-Book is a fun oddball piece that I could see having been somewhat effective in getting kids to collect back in the day, though I never saw them around until recently.  Meanwhile, the '98 SI card has a great photo, plus HOFers rate Barry in power (Killebrew), speed (Brock), and fielding (Brooks Robinson) on the back.  His scores:  3, 4, and 5, respectively.  High praise from the Human Vacuum Cleaner!  These give me 275 cards of Larkin, incidentally.
In some dime boxes I found a bunch of cool football base, including a near team set of 2000 Donruss (I believe I'm missing just Biakabutuka), and a trio of 1998 Finest cards.
It was a good day to be a Grbac collector, I guess!  His card here, along with Timmy B's, hails from 1999 SPx, which has one of my all-time favorite designs.  I added another Finest of Ty Law, a pair of A-Trains (including a new insert) and another base of Woodson.  Not bad!
Mike Hart 2008 Donruss Elite College Ties Green (#294/800)
I picked up this shiny, numbered, Michigan uni insert of Mike Hart for my Michigan Football inserts collection.  There's also multiple parallels of the Combos version with Chad Henne I'd like to get eventually.
Jeremy LeSueur 2004 SPx RC (#0783/1650)
Lastly for the football group I dug out this shiny SPx numbered RC of former CB Jeremy LeSueur, which I would have appreciated even if it didn't look this enticing since I really don't have many of his cards!
Mike Cammalleri 2006-07 Beehive Signature Scrapbook auto
It was close but I didn't end up going hitless.  One of my finds was from UD's 2006-07 Beehive throwback product, and it's my ninth total hit of Cammalleri, who had a nice season with 27 goals for the Devils this year.  You all know I love collecting the Michigan Hockey Mikes!
Bill Muckalt 1999-00 BAP Millennium Autographs Gold auto
And for even more of a throwback I managed to track down my fifth hit (and fourth autograph) of former forward Bill Muckalt, who enjoyed five years in the NHL after a very successful four years in Ann Arbor.

I'm sure I'll be heading back next month as it's the best show in my area, but until then I still have lots to post, including a great trade package from someone readers of this blog know very well!


  1. I liked the College Ties cards out of Elite. WVU was well represented in that set.

    1. I hadn't noticed before but I took a look and you're right, there's a nice bunch of Mountaineers too!