Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 trade package #12: COMGSNHoF again!

Tim from GSNHoF has always been one of my favorite trade partners (and bloggers!), and now it's even more fun than ever to deal with him thanks to his constant activity on COMC.  Because he often has some credit to play with, Tim's nice enough to grab stuff for me once in a while, either by request or of his own accord.  Last week he sent me a package with a few requests and surprises in return for a pile of stuff I'll be sending him soon (trading is fun!).  Here's what I ended up with:
Rich Hill 2006 Upper Deck Special FX Red (#101) (#28/50)
This first one was a want for my Rich Hill PC, and as I wasn't planning on shipping anything soon, Tim agreed to nab it for me.  Rich has two cards in the base '06 UD set plus a number of parallels from that product and this one--Special FX.  I believe I now have 14 of those 19, and this is my 245th Hill overall!
A couple of today's cards will be heading southwest to Jeff because I already had them, and this beautiful die-cut auto of Jason Christian from 2009 EEE is one of them.  I love that Panini used (or had to use, I suppose) college unis.
Glen Rice 2012-13 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos manupatch auto (#GR3) (#22/25)
This gorgeous Rice is most definitely the "WOW" card of the package, though it had plenty of stiff competition.  UD produced four versions of these cards, each using one corner of a manupatch that's under a plastic window the player signed, giving it a bit of a shadowbox-like effect in-person.  I only have two hits of Rice, and despite my general lack of interest in basketball I'd love to add more of him as long as they're college uni cards like this one!
B.J. Askew 2003 Fleer Snapshot Rookie Slides (#33/50)
Tim sent me one football insert and he must have read my mind because this cool Askew slide is one I've had my eye on for quite a while.  As I told him the other day, what an age we're living in that we can send BJs through the mail!  He'll find one in his own mailbox before much longer (so hopefully his mailperson is attractive).

And now here come the football hits!:
Shawn Crable 2008 Playoff Prestige Prestigious Picks Materials Gold jersey (#08/50)
We start things off the right way thanks to this beautiful Michigan blue jersey swatch of LB Shawn Crable, a less prominent member of the excellent 2008 Wolverines draft class.  It's my 10th hit of Crable, giving me another player in double digits.
Braylon Edwards 2008 SPx Winning Materials NFL Patch 25 patch (#14/25)
This low-numbered Bray-Bray from '08 SPx is patchtastic!  I sure am glad it says in the upper-left that it's a patch because I wouldn't have been able to tell.  Braylon will join the 60-hit club with the next card I find of him.
Jeremy Gallon 2014 SPx auto (#009/299)
This is just my second hit of the pint-sized Gallon (see what I did there?) and in both cases I get to enjoy a nice signature on an Upper Deck college uni card.  I hope to keep adding nice stuff of the high-energy WR.
Brian Griese 2007 Topps Total Printing Plates Magenta (#196) (with Mark Bradley and Desmond Clark) (1/1)
Here's the Rice card's primary competition today in the form of a great printing plate!  I definitely wasn't expecting this and it's just my third football plate (all nice and in a row in the album!).  Topps Total plates aren't something I've seen a lot of so this was a nice find by Tim of a card during Griese's Bears days, and my 14th hit of the title-winning QB.
Mike Hart 2008 Press Pass Autographs Gold auto (#46/88)
And there's the Mike Hart I remember, churning and burning for more yards his senior season.  Press Pass cards slid a bit in quality leading up to the manufacturer's recent shuttering, but cards like this remind me of why I used to like collecting the brand.  You can't go wrong with a horizontal design featuring a great photo and a cool section made specifically for the signature with an "Xs and Os" background.  That's now 58 hits of #20.
Chad Henne 2011 Limited Monikers Autographs Gold auto (#08/25) and 2011 Rookies and Stars Longevity Materials Ruby jersey (#235/299)
And one good Hart deserves two Hennes!  The Limited Monikers is truly limited at just 25 copies since it's the gold version, and it looks great.  Also, I have a feeling the work "moniker" is a bit outside of Topps' vocabulary, along with terms like "quality control" and "reality."  Meanwhile I asked Tim to pick up the R&S jersey because it was cheap and looked cool.  They add up to continue Henne's football collection dominance at 77 cards!
Taylor Lewan 2014 Panini Hot Rookies Rookie Signatures auto
Moving forward to more recent Michigan grads we have what's already my fourth hit of donkey-hating OT Taylor Lewan from Panini's Hot Rookies product that came out last year.  I'm not sure on the source of the photo to know if the jersey was airbrushed, but I like Lewan's signature, and I hope he has a good 2015 season protecting whomever the Titans throw out there at QB.
This excellent David Molk autograph from 2012 SP Authentic is the other card heading to Jeff which is great since I don't believe he has it.  Molk was the glue that held the O-line together at center and was a true Michigan Man.
Denard Robinson 2013 Rookies and Stars Dress for Success Jerseys Prime jersey (#04/25)
Hey, it's Shoelace!  Henne's teammate will likely see more reps this year thanks to his relative success last season.  Here he is on a Panini R&S jersey from his rookie season.  I wouldn't say the term "prime" applies to the swatch, but the low numbering is a huge plus on my 18th (really, 18?!) hit of Denard.
Charles Woodson 2002 Upper Deck MVP Souvenirs jersey
This final card is another I asked Tim to grab because the price was so reasonable and because I love adding new hits of the Heisman/NCAA title/Super Bowl-winning DB.  This may be a fairly tiny swatch but I like how the piece looks, plus it's once again relevant thanks to Woodson's reunion with Oakland a couple seasons ago!  Welcome to the collection, Woodson hit #16!

Not much to say now except WOW!  Thanks again to Tim, who's always fun to trade with, and who'll be on the receiving end of a nice envelope of his own within a couple weeks.  Don't forget to go check out his progress on some of his new PCs while you're at it.


  1. That UD Exquisite Rice card is pretty bad ass.

    1. I know! And I think when I asked Tim to pick it up he got it for like $7.50, but I can't remember. If I ever see another one that cheap I'll let you know.

  2. Glad you liked the plate! I almost went for the Aaron Shea one on COMC too, but there's no image on the Shea and it's a lot more expensive. Someday maybe. And that Woodson card is so beastly...I'm glad you pointed it out to me!

    1. Sure did! Shea's not worth big bucks so no worries. The Woodson looks flat-out great for the price. Thanks again for everything! Maybe eventually I can send the stuff I grabbed for you.

  3. What a great trade package. I love the older PressPass autos. They were simple and on card. Plus like you I love it when the guys are still in their college uniforms.

    1. Kudos again to Tim. And yeah, those were fun sets, which I bet you can also appreciate as a college collector.