Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Justcommons purchase: just seeing a lot of red

Thanks to a large recent Justcommons purchase, which came out to more than 150 cards total, I was able to beef up some of my PCs quite a bit.  A large chunk of those cards went toward some of the Tigers I collect, plus you'll get to see more stuff from one of my newer Michigan PCs soon, but today I have three players pretty familiar to most of you.  What do they have in common?  Their teams really, really like the color red!
Mike Matheny 2015 Topps Heritage
Here's the Cards' skipper on his 2015 Heritage manager card, and that means I skipped a year because I do have the same issue from the 2013 set.  The former catcher is coming off three straight excellent seasons with one of the most well run organizations in the sport, plus this year's team is off to a nice start itself!  This is my 55th card of Mike.

Hal Morris 1992 Leaf Black Gold
Hal Morris 1995 Stadium Club Super Team World Series
Hal Morris 1995 Upper Deck Predictor League Leaders
I've got a trio of Morris cards today and they're all inserts.  The '92 Leaf Black Gold set has appeared here a few times recently (and will again in just a second), and I still maintain it looks light years better than the blah base set.  Hal is seen making an interesting catch attempt on yet another parallel from '95 Stadium Club, giving me three from that set overall.  And from the same year I found an early example of Upper Deck's Predictor contest/redemption cards.  This one is actually a redemption as part of a complete set from a winning player--though not Morris:  the pictured player had to lead his league in the category at the bottom, in this case batting average.

These three new cards give me a new count of 104 for William Harold Morris.

Chris Sabo 1992 Leaf Black Gold
Chris Sabo 1992 Topps Gold Winners
Chris Sabo 1994 Score Gold Rush
And now we head across the diamond to Hal's former teammate, Chris Sabo.  Spuds also came in with all three cards being inserts this time, though not so much by design as simply what interested me.  All three of those insert sets are covered between the other players in this post and the one I put up on TMV this evening.  Like Morris, Sabo also adds a Leaf Black Gold parallel to his collection.  He then joins TMV subject Kirk Gibson in appearing on two other parallels:  1992 Topps Gold Winners and 1994 Score Gold Rush.  The latter wins the award for best photo in this post since it's clear he's about to barehand that grounder.

I now own 53 different Spuds cards, and his trademark glasses are present in 45 of those (in case anyone was interested).

Stay tuned for more Justcommons cards, some eBay pickups, and a verrrrrrry nice trade post soon!


  1. Have you picked up any Sabo autos?

    1. Not yet, but since he has one or more in Fan Favorites at least, I'd like to!