Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 eBay purchase: Sunday Wolverines

Sometimes I have luck with some of eBay's bigger sellers that offer free shipping when purchasing a certain about.  After Tim from GSNHoF let me know he was interested in a pair of stickers being sold buy a guy I knew also had a PC card for me, I filled up my cart past the $10 mark and enjoyed watching the shipping charge disappear.  Three of those were Lou Whitakers I posted on TMV this evening, and the others were these:
Chris Getz 2009 O-Pee-Chee Black
If I'd posted this yesterday my mood would have been different, but thanks to watching the Tigers bomb the Sox into oblivion this afternoon I have no problem looking at a card of a South-Sider.  Also, it's Getz, one of my favorite collections, so either way I would have had a reason to enjoy posting this card.  Upper Deck actually produced this set back in 2009 but kept the O-Pee-Chee name.  It's my third of Getz's four from the set, and I just need the Blank Back version.  I now have 76/106 of the retired 2B.
Barry Larkin 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends
I often get the '99 set mixed up with the 2000 (non-"Century) version, but that's because you really can't go wrong either way.  Barry's Hall of Fame induction certainly lends credence to his appearance in this set, which was obviously made to cash in on MLB's All Century Team announced that same year.  The back gives Larkin credit for his '95 MVP and 30/30 season, further justifying his inclusion, not that doing so was remotely necessary!  This is my 273rd Larkin.
Heath Murray 1998 Bowman Chrome Golden Anniversary (#04/50)
Now here we have the card I've been wanting from this seller for quite a while.  Regardless of my chase of Murray's collection I don't recall ever seeing a card from this rare-ish set in-person up til now.  I realize that that 50 copies seems reasonably abundant to us these days, but then again, the further away you get from a set's release, the harder it seems to be to find limited cards like this, whether they're stars or guys like Heath.  Foreshadowing a future Topps habit this Chrome parallel is barely different from the base card other than the facsimile signature done in gold and the numbering to 50 on the back.
I still need a pair of cards from Heath's 1998 Bowman/Chrome rainbow--the Refractor version of this card (/5) and the non-Chrome version as well.  This one brings me very close to the end of Murray's run, though:  I now stand at 24/30, or 80%!

Not bad at all for a purchase I made mainly for trade bait!  Stay tuned for more pickups from Justcommons soon.


  1. I wasn't too familiar with Bowman Chrome Golden Anniversary. Anything I'm chasing that is over 10 years old is a huge pain in the butt. Sometimes you will see 2 in a month and then go 2 years without seeing it.

    Good luck with the rest of the Murray's.

    1. I really wasn't either--maybe vaguely aware at best, but probably not even that. Thanks, and I hope I can finish him up soon too!