Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 eBay purchases: March Michigan mishmash

March was a pretty good month for me on the Michigan PC front.  I made five purchases, each of a single card, but they were all useful for my various player collections.  One of those pickups was the final Ted Sizemore OPC card I needed and had Doug land for me, and now I'm back to show off the others I hadn't posted yet:
Rich Hill 2008 SP Authentic By the Letter 'U' letter patch auto (#14/50)
I paid a reasonable $8 for my fourth Hill manuletter auto from this series.  There are two nameplates, one spelling "H-I-L-L" and the other "C-U-B-S".  From the former I have just the "I" while I've made much more progress on the latter--besides this "U" I have the "C" and the "S".  I'll keep a sharp eye out for the remaining letters, especially that "B" as I'd love to finish off this small project.  This is just a great looking card for a Cubs player and I think UD nailed the design as usual.

Numbers-wise this is my 112th hit of Hill, and 294th in my Michigan Baseball PC.  For Rich's PC I'm about a card or two shy of 2/3 at 232/347, and I own 244 of his cards overall.

Michael O'Neill 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Orange Refractor auto (#13/75)
My favorite up-and-coming Yankees prospect is well-represented in last year's Bowman products, but I'm still working hard on his 2013 stuff as well.  I made another small step towards his Bowman Sterling rainbow with O'Neill's Orange Refractor auto, adding to the base, Refractor (/150), and Gold Refractor (/50) I own.  Six versions remain, some ridiculously scarce!

My 10th O'Neill hit is an autograph like the other nine, and this is my 295th unique baseball hit.  I can lay claim to 18/83 of his cards produced thus far, with a nice new chunk on the way thanks to Jeff.

Clayton Richard 2013 Topps Pink (#42/50)
Speaking of rainbows from Topps products, I'm also another step closer to Clayton Richard's from 2013 Topps/Mini.  Of his 17(!) different variations I own 12, so I'm getting there.  My overall progress for Clayton's collection has been pretty solid, too, as I stand at 110/150, or almost 75%.

Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Certified Printing Plates Cyan (1/1)
And I believe I saved the best for last.  I scored this Hunwick plate on a combined purchase with another of Milan Hejduk that I sent to Doug.  These are a bit confusion because they don't show up in Beckett's OPG/checklist, and though they're for cards produced for 2012-13 Certified, the copyright date is 2014, and I believe these were actually inserted as hits into last year's National Treasures product.  Either way, it's another cool plate of Hunwick, and the second (after this one) I've managed to score.

Better yet, this plate hits multiple PCs.  It's my 21st overall card of the former goalie and 166th hockey hit.  I also shouldn't forget that it becomes the 34th plate/1-of-1 in my growing collection!

So yeah, not a bad month at all!  Speaking of pickups from a few weeks ago, I'll be showing off some Barry Larkins I nabbed for Justcommons pretty soon, plus much more!


  1. I need to check and see if I've gotten all the cards I've picked up for you and get your package in the mail. The Michael O'neil card reminded me.

    1. No worries, it's not like I'm actually getting off my ass and quickly posting things as they come in anyway!