Thursday, February 12, 2015

PCPCs part 1: Jim Paciorek

I introduced five new player collections a couple weeks ago and now I can finally get around to showing them off!  Because I'm like that, I'm making these five posts into a new feature called "Promptly Completed Player Collections."

PCPC's first subject will be Jim Paciorek, and that's by default as I'm still waiting on some cards from COMC, Sportlots, and Justcommons for the other guys (meaning it might be a bit longer until you see the other four posts).

I briefly introduced Paciorek in the post linked above, but if you're too lazy to look at it again, here's a quick refresher:

Jim, a native Detroiter, is the brother of former Colt '45 John and his more famous sibling Tom.  He was selected by Milwaukee in the 8th round in 1982 after a Michigan career that also included time with the football team.  A corner infielder/outfielder, he made his debut in 1987 and appeared in 48 games for the Brewers.  That ended up being it as far as his MLB career was concerned, but he did pretty well for himself in Japan from 1988-93.

Ok, on with the cards.  I had nothing of his going into this project, and here's what I picked up, representing the entirety of his collection:
Jim Paciorek 1987 Fleer Update RC and Glossy
I hope you didn't blink or you might have missed it!  Yep, in a sign that 1987 was not 2015, Jim wasn't represented on 30 different rookie cards, 10 autograph versions, and nine 1/1s.  He played in just 48 games and was out of the league, and Fleer was the only manufacturer that saw fit to include him in a set, in this case their '87 Update series.  Naturally, then, he also appeared in the Glossy boxed set, so I nabbed one of each card, and now my smallest PC of all time is complete!  I won't bother to link you to the album or checklist here since this is it.

Please do keep your eye out for new posts in this series soon, though, and as always, have a gander at my ongoing player collections here.


  1. The joy of a completed player collection!

    1. Yes indeed. It's funny how long I'm going to go between posts in this series, but I do have the cards for the other guys!