Saturday, February 7, 2015

2/7/15 card show report: winter Wolverines

In what's become something of a monthly habit I made the 30-minute drive east to the Taylor Town Trade Center this afternoon for some card showin'.  Though I spent a measly (but not measles-ly because I was vaccinated--thanks mom!) $17, with a good chunk of that going towards trade bait, I did have some luck in some quarter boxes to go with a few dollar cards.  Some of those are in this evening's TMV post while the rest are right over here:
Barry Larkin 2000 Topps All-Topps
I grabbed a pair of Larkin inserts this time because even though I might have already had them it's not like I don't have other people that would take them off my hands.  Of the two this one was new, though I have a few others from the set in my collection.  Topps overdid it a bit on the border but this is otherwise a nice looking card to own.  According to the back, Barry topped all active (through '98) NL SS in a group that included Rich Aurilia, Alex Gonzalez, Rey Ordonez, and Walt Weiss; not exactly stiff competition, eh?  In case you were wondering, the retired NL SS All-Topps group includes, in order:  Ernie Banks, Luke Appling, Pee Wee Reese, Ozzie Smith, and Honus Wagner.  Mr. All-Topps here now has 246 cards in his PC.

Next I grabbed a few things for my Michigan Football inserts PC:
Todd Collins 1995 Sportflix Rookie Lightning
A trade with Doug last month netted me Collins' '95 Sportflix RC and now a month later I have an insert of the QB from the same set.  You never know how these'll scan so I'm fairly happy with how Todd's card turned out.  Now I kinda want to get his fellow rookie (and new Michigan RBs coach!) Tyrone Wheatley from the same set.
Chad Henne 2014 Prestige Extra Points Silver Holofoil (#18/25)
The most expensive card in this post at a cost of $1, this Henne card surprised me when I found it in the dollar box until my eyes finally took notice of the hard-to-see serial number in the upper-right.  I'll gladly throw down a buck any day for a Chad Henne limited to just 25 copies!  The 2014 Prestige design isn't exactly exciting but a rare card is a rare card, plus it helps that it happens to be one of my favorite Michigan QB.
Leroy Hoard 2000 Score Scorecard (#1733/2000)
Hoard doesn't get a lot of face time on this blog, but the MVP of the '89 Rose Bowl was a pretty good RB for Michigan, and he had a solid NFL career as well.  Early on with the Browns he was an effective receiving back and caught 9 TD passes in '91, and then he went on to pick up 9 and 10 rushing TDs--career highs each time--for Minnesota in his final two seasons.  Here he is with the Vikings in his farewell campaign on a cool Score parallel numbered to 2000.  Hopefully I can find more stuff of his to show off here!
Mario Manningham 2008 Donruss Classics School Colors (#0300/1000)
Hey, this guy's name sounds familiar!  I actually started using a "Michigan uniform" tag not too long ago for just such cards.  I thought it was interesting that this was a Classics card because the School Colors insert is usually associated with Elite.  Since the design is pretty much the same I can't say it really matters to me because either way I get a really cool Manningham insert out of the deal!

Since it is winter and all I don't suppose I could have left the show without picking up at least one hockey card:
In the end it literally was one because that was as many cards as I could find featuring Michigan players, though at times I was ripping through handfuls of cards pretty fast because there was a ton to get through.  Anyway, I plunked down a quarter for this 2014-15 OPC Rainbow parallel of star forward Mike Cammalleri, a guy who's actually part of a four-way tie (as of this writing) for the league lead in game-winning goals with 7.

I headed home with most of my money still in my wallet and now I'll put that to good use elsewhere, and hopefully next time I'll have even better luck!


  1. I'm bad about overlooking serial numbers. This years Stadium Club got me a few times.

    1. I bet, they can be easy to miss especially when you don't realize if they're on the front or back.