Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 trade package #3: January Cards From the Dollar Store

I've already received two great trade packages this month, so why not keep things rolling with a third from Doug C. at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store?  Doug, of course, is another trader that's generous both in terms of what he sends and how much time he's willing to put into finding your favorites teams.  Simply put he's a joy to trade with, even if the shipping cost makes it a bit more expensive for both of us.  Case in point:  he just sent me a PWE and the cost to ship it was much more than it would be domestically.  Come to the US, Doug!  Shipping would cost less and Target isn't going anywhere in this country!

Anyway, here's a look at the fun stuff Mr. Corti sent my way this time:
First up is a pair of current Wolverines in the pros.  Lewan has a good shot at starting at T for the Titans next year, and here he's represented on a Retro parallel of his 2014 Certified RC.  By the way, I'll soon have more of his cards to show off.  Next to him is well-known college QB/NFL RB Denard Robinson, who broke out nicely this year for the Jags before getting hurt.  He too has a nice chance at earning significant playing time in 2015, and I look forward to seeing what he can do with a full season's worth of carries.  He comes to my PC today with this 2013 SAGE HIT subset issue.

Next up is a pair of cards for my Michigan Football rookies collection:
Todd Collins 1995 Sportflix RC
This is my first entry for QB Todd Collins in the RC collection.  I probably already spoke about him at length when previously showing off my lone hit of him, so I'll just remind those not in the know that he was a quarterback from 1991-94 for the Wolverines, starting the latter two seasons and leading those teams to identical 8-4 records before going to the Bills in the 2nd round of the '95 draft (the same year that new RBs coach Ty Wheatley was selected).  He appeared in 50 games over parts of 12 seasons with a total of four NFL teams, and here he is on his '95 Sportflix RC, a card that brings to mind the '94 Finest "Fruit Rollup" rainbow design!  Doug collects the Bills so it was nice of him to send this my way.
Mike Kenn 1981 Topps RC
Kenn is another Michigan alum I've spoken about a bit thanks to owning a TK Legacy auto of his.  A standout T selected by Atlanta in the first round back in '78, Mike played for the Falcons for all 17(!) of his NFL seasons, starting every one of his 251 contests.  He has a shot at the HOF and besides being a five-time Pro-Bowler, he was also president of the NFLPA from '89-'96, which says a lot about how much other players respected him.  This vintage RC is a great addition to my collection and a nice find by Doug.

"But what about the obligatory hockey cards?!" you ask.  Here they are:
Ebbett is currently with the Pens and has a goal and four assists in five games, and here he is on an '80-'09 Collector's Choice Reserve card.  Next to him is blog favorite Brendan Morrison on a base card from UD Victory, also from 2008-09.  Finally we have another blog favorite in goalie Marty Turco in the form of a Collector's Choice Stick-Ums insert, I believe from the following year.  Doug is a self-described Wolverines magnet when it comes to busting repacks, and nothing in our history would lead me to argue with him!
Aaron Palushaj 2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Signatures auto
Last up is another hockey card and the real prize of the package.  Palushaj, another Michigan icer from my hometown of Livonia, Michigan, was with Carolina for a pair of games last season, and he's currently toiling away in the KHL, though I hope he returns stateside at some point.  This is Aaron's fifth hit in my hockey PC, all of which include a signature like this one, and he remains first alphabetically (by first name), which may be hard to top!

Thanks for continuing the trend of great January trade packages, Doug!  I'm in the process of putting something new together for you, plus I look forward to another year of trade one-upsmanship awesomeness.  Readers, get your buck on at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store, and maybe help me convince him to head across the border!

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