Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 trade package #2: Bob Walk the Plank sends an M-barrassment of riches

Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank obviously wanted to start out the trading year with a bang since my second package of the year, courtesy of the Pirates/Mountaineers fan, was a Doozy with a capital "D."  The last time he sent me cards, back in November, he flipped a crazy 10 Michigan sports hits my way--eight of football and two from hockey.  Well this may be just the third package of cards from Matt I've shown off on this blog, but it would easily win the award for best envelope even if it was the 30th.  Check out this ridiculousness from one of the most generous traders this side of the Ohio River!:
Matt upped the ante this time with nine football hits.  There's a nice mix here of defense and offense, brands, and players, plus three of them are Michigan uni cards!  Bonus points for picking guys (except for Bellamy) that went on to solid NFL careers, with Hall, Long, and Avant still active.
And how about five hockey cards (of my two favorite players, no less) to go with that bunch?  Matt went nuts with Be-a-Player, for which I offer him kudos because it's always a nice looking set that includes lots of signatures of unsung guys who sometimes turn out to be favorites of fans like yours truly.  How many traders do you know that would put in the time to dig up trade bait of former college players you collect?  I can name just a few, and like Matt they've earned my respect (and some extra effort in crafting return packages!).

If you think this bunch is crazy, wait'll you see what I'm showing off over on TMV tonight--a pair of cards that somehow makes this treasure chest look like a box of Pacific cards from the early 90s.  (Just kidding, almost nothing's worse than early 90s Pacific cards, and these are all fantastic regardless).

Thanks a ton for a great start to 2015, Matt, and I look forward to putting together an appropriate bunch of goodies very soon.  Readers, please Walk the Plank over to Matt's blog tonight!


  1. I've learned the hard way that you and I collect the same way. Just like you I have a ton of hits for WVU and the Pirates so in order to find something unique new releases are the way to go. Also like you I don't really mind getting doubles because I know you will find good homes for them. Our trades are getting crazy!

    1. Very true. And I'm always glad that you're the one busting new products because (and Doug) have better luck than I do pulling my PC guys!