Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 trade package #1: New Year's with Nomo's Sushi Platter

Spiegel at Nomo's Sushi Platter was cool enough to send me my first trade package of 2015.  I hadn't had occasion to show off cards from him here in the past so I'm glad to be able to do so today.  What you see today came as part of a group of cards I posted on TMV this evening, so please make sure to check those out as well.  Here's four newbies for my baseball PCs:
Barry Larkin 1994 Upper Deck (#385)
Here's a card that's great not just because I love collecting Larkin, but because it illustrates what's so great about collecting--there's a ton of reasons a collector might want it.  Those include, but aren't limited to Larkin being someone's favorite player, having gone to the same high school or college, playing for the Reds, being in the HOF, playing SS, and having won the 1990 World Series.  And then you can't forget set-collecting--'94 UD's not a bad choice--or just picking out this card because of the fantastic photography.  Hell, it's in my collection now for more than one of those reasons, and I'm happy to have it as my 242nd of Barry.
Mike Matheny 2004 Topps Total
I already had in my possession Mike's Topps Total cards from 2002 and 2003--because I own both complete sets--but I had yet to track down his 2004 version, so I'm thankful it was part of this package.  Topps picked a great shot of Matheny chasing after a foul ball here, and I give them bonus points for writing on the summary on the back "Future manager?" way back in 2004.  St. Louis' skipper now has 52 cards to his name.
Hal Morris 1994 Upper Deck
Prince Hal (yeah, nobody called him that) is the other Wolverine/Red from '94 UD to appear in today's post.  Upper Deck picked a good shot of him headed towards first, and that makes sense since Morris was pretty good with the bat in '93, hitting .317 with a .371 OBP, and he followed that up with an even better 1994, going for .335/.385.  This is my 96th card of him and I'll make passing 100 a priority this year.
Chris Sabo 1994 Triple Play
Spuds!  Is he a Red or is he an Oriole?  In just a few days Chris can celebrate 21 years since he signed with Baltimore.  Of my seven Sabo cards from 1994, just one ('94 Topps) has him listed with and pictured with the Reds, and this is my only other card that has him in a Reds uni.  At least no matter where he went he didn't stop wearing those glasses.  Welcome to my Sabo collection, card #47, and here's to getting to 50 very soon!

Thanks again, Spiegel, for sending me cards for my PCs over here as well as the Tigers I posted earlier!  I'd love to do my trading with you this year so I'll see what else I can dig up at future shows and on COMC.


  1. Glad you loved the cardboard I sent your way. I also dig this being a 2 part trade post. Thanks for taking the time to write up two posts to show your appreciation.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to find cards I could show off on both my blogs!