Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 COMC purchases: Wild Card Wolverines

I'm writing this last post showing off my Black Friday/Cyber Monday COMC haul while watching Leon Hall's Bengals team take on the Colts, with Larry Foote's Cardinals having already bowed out to the Panthers yesterday (and seriously, could Logan Thomas be THAT bad that their only option was Lindley?).  On a Wild Card NFL Sunday, here's the last of my football pickups this time:
Leon Hall 2007 SAGE HIT Autographs Gold auto (#34/250)
Here's this post's first Bengals card, even if it's of Hall in his college uni (which I obviously prefer!).  Hall's actually done pretty well to return from some injury issues, so I'm happy to see him playing today.  For a pretty reasonable price I was able to grab this Gold version of a SAGE HIT Silver auto I already had.  Leon's now good for 37 hits in my football PC, which is pretty cool.
David Harris 2011 Score Signatures auto
The cards in today's post slightly skew towards defense, including tackling machine LB David Harris of the Jets.  I'm curious how many times I've referred to Harris as a "tackling machine" but not enough to actually do the work to figure it out.  Anyway, I was surprised to find I didn't have this autograph from 2011 Score so I picked it up on the cheap.  Maybe with a new coach and GM the Jets won't be so embarrassing and I won't have to root for Harris to join a new team!  This is my 24th hit of Harris, by the way.
Mike Hart 2008 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs auto
Here's Colt #1 and it's definitely my favorite Indy player of all time, Mike Hart.  For some reason it's hard to track down his signatures on COMC for less than $4 or $5, and the few that are there I already have.  Thankfully I found a nice deal on this '08 Bowman Chrome auto, which takes a design I like and adds a great signature to it.  Did I mention I like to collect Hart?  This is my 55th hit of his, putting him one card behind Braylon Edwards for third place.
Marlin Jackson 2005 Bowman's Best Red auto (#171/199)
Today's other Michigan Colt is former CB Marlin Jackson.  I've slowly been putting together his 2005 Bowman's Best auto rainbow, and depending on how that goes I may look to add the base and its parallels as well.  I now have four versions including the "base," Green, and Bronze.  It's a good looking set and Marlin's a player I like so that makes it even more fun tracking these down.  This one's one of 18 Jackson hits I now own.
Chris Perry 2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Masks dual mask (#074/325)
Now it's time for another RB, and Chris Perry says he wants to even the score for the Bengals.  He does so with my second facemask relic.  My other one, of WR Marquise Walker, also came from a Leaf R&S set, and I'm glad they thought outside of the box and came up with a very unique relic idea.  You really don't see helmet relics that often, and facemasks even less so since there's not nearly as much to work with, so if you see one of a player you like I suggest you grab it!  Perry, by the way, hits a small milestone by reaching 40 hits with this card, and he's just the eighth player to get there for me so far.
Anthony Thomas 2001 SPx Blue Foil jersey auto RC (#019/550)
You can take the A-Train to today's last RB card, which happens to be a really nice one.  SPx often puts out a nice RC design that combines a jersey and autograph, and I like what UD did here a lot, especially with the signature window area, which does a great job of highlighting one of football's all-time best 'graphs.  Oh yeah, and just as importantly, this evens up Thomas with David Terrell at 37 cards, putting those two in a three-way tie with Leon Hall for ninth; the next player up?  Previously-shown David Harris and his 24 hits, which is a pretty big gap.
Donovan Warren 2010 Press Pass Autographs Gold auto (#24/99)
Donovan Warren 2010 SAGE HIT Autographs Gold auto (#172/250)
Donovan Warren is the last player up today, and he can't break the Bengals/Colts tie since he never appeared with either team (or in an NFL game for that matter), but it doesn't really matter since the Colts appear to have the game in the bag anyway.  As for Warren, the Press Pass signature was my first of him from that set, and since he doesn't appear on that many cards I may try to track the others down eventually.  The SAGE card, though, is more exciting for me since it gives me the trifecta of base, Silver, and this Gold version.  I'm sure I'll feature it as a completed project/rainbow sometime soon when I don't have anything else to write about.  These two are included as part of Donovan's new total of six hits.

That's it for this COMC run, but as I've mentioned a few times, I spent the rest of my December budget--what I didn't use on the Tom Brady auto--during the Boxing Day sales, so once those ship you'll get to see those.  For now the collection stands at 969 cards (which, again, would have been 970 if I hadn't picked up a hit I didn't realize I already had).  Stay tuned for more soon!


  1. I think I still have my blue version of the Marlin Jackson Bowman's Best auto around here somewhere. Shoot me your address and I'll send it your way as soon as it turns up.

    1. Cool, thanks! I'd love to trade you for it.