Monday, December 29, 2014

A couple of weeks of incoming cards

If you follow me over at My Sports Obsession, then you know Dennis sent me a gift package.  Plus I need to show the Ebay purchases that relate to this blog.  I’ll do these alphabetical like I do on my blog.


1992 Fleer



            1992 Pinnacle Team 2000        1992 Pinnacle (the Idols)             

$.50                                       $.27


1992 Topps (all-star)                 1992 Topps       

$.11                                    $.11


2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s

Dennis’ gift package

Jim Abbott collection

These cards give me 33 of Jim Abbott.


2008 Topps Stadium Club Auto and 2008 Upper Deck Premier Prospects auto

Dennis’ gift package

Mike Hart collection

These 2 cards give me 27 of Mike Hart.


1992 Fleer (superstar specials)



     1989 Topps                    1992 Topps (all-star)

$.11                                      $.30


1991 Topps                             1994 Post

$.30                                        $.50

Barry Larkin collection

These cards give me 44 of Barry Larkin.


2014 Playoff Prestige


Taylor Lewan collection  

This is my 3rd card of Taylor Lewan.


2013 Press Pass


Denard Robinson collection  

This is my 14th card of Denard Robinson.


2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition autograph

Dennis’ gift package

This card gives me 10 of Chad Henne


1995 Skybox Impact


These cards give me 193 in the Michigan collection.

The Henne card gives me 46 autographs in the Michigan collection.


Not that your used to me posting consistently but it will be a little while before I probably get more cards to post here since I have 2 weeks off of work and have taken a few weeks off of purchasing cards.

Big shout out to Dennis for the very nice Christmas gift as well as to Jim Harbaugh for being our next coach, rumor has it he is returning to Ann Arbor today and will get announced tomorrow.

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