Monday, December 29, 2014

Welcome home, Jim

(Before you read this post I want to make sure to send you to the one Jeff put up this morning since I'm bumping it!)
The national media is finally owning up to what it previously thought inconceivable,
what locals have suspected for weeks and known for at least two days now:  Jim Harbaugh is coming back to Ann Arbor to coach the Wolverines.  San Francisco's leadership, tired of watching their team operate at a high level of success after years of irrelevance, decided to let him go back to the college game instead of one of their rivals--as if Oakland was ever a serious threat.
In Harbaugh the Wolverines get a Michigan man who's not necessarily the newly-derided Michigan Man; A tenacious coach who won't stop until he achieves his goal, a leader of men, a boy who became a man under Bo, a man who's made his own path in a game that also saw the success of his father and brother; A coach who might just be the one to bring relevance and then glory back to Ann Arbor.
In the end, the drama was entirely fabricated by media struggling for pageviews in an era that's seen Twitter and fan blogs scoop them time and again.  Interim(?) AD Jim Hackett approached the search with a laser focus, and that focus never wavered from Harbaugh.  He made it happen, and perhaps 50 years from now both could go down in school history among the names of their legendary forbears--Yost, Canham, Bo.  There may be lots of work to do, but after the divisiveness of RichRod and the regression under Hoke, hope springs eternal under the native son.  Welcome back to Ann Arbor, Jim, no matter how long you plan to stay.


  1. Is it football season yet? I can't believe after the year we had that I'm already excited for football to start again. Hope is definitely the right tag to use.

    1. And now a few weeks later we can also be pretty excited about the staff he's put together, not to mention we might be celebrating some big recruits in just a few more weeks!