Saturday, November 8, 2014

2014 Michigan Gameday #10: at Northwestern

(Normally I do these before the game but I got a bit held up today)

I'm writing this at halftime of a game that's 0-0.  Northwestern should be refunding all of their ticket-holders and Michigan should at least compensate its fans in attendance with travel money or something.  If I had to choose an analogy it would be that episode of South Park where all the little league teams try to lose to each other on purpose so they don't have to keep playing.  Yes, it's THAT BAD.

Then again, I guess I shouldn't expect much--both teams have five losses and have had their share of blowouts this year.  MAN I hope this conference stops sucking in my lifetime.

Anyway, there's still 2 1/2 games left to watch and you know I'll be rooting for my Wolverines.



  1. I was so happy when NW went for 2 because it would be over after that play, win or lose, I couldn't watch anymore.

    1. You and me both, what a clown show! Anyone still defending Hoke at this point needs to share whatever they're on.