Friday, October 3, 2014

2014 COMC purchases: Boros ain't boring

I'm happy to have a couple more trades to cover very soon, but I figured if I didn't post my COMC stuff before much longer it would just languish in my scan folder, so here we go!

Today I've got cards of just one player;  Steve Boros.  I added him to my PC guys back in August, then I showed off my first vintage get of the former Wolverine/Tiger a couple weeks ago.  Since then, thanks to the magic of COMC, I've made extremely significant headway towards his collection, adding these:
Steve Boros 1958 Topps RC
The single color background here is very bland, but it's still a fun vintage RC, plus it features that fantastic Tigers logo!
Steve Boros 1959 Topps
Now THAT's better!  It's not an action shot, but the design is still an improvement over the previous year's, and this is a nice shot of Boros posed, I'd assume, in the dugout.
Steve Boros 1961 Topps
I like the '61 design as well since it's a bit more colorful.  This may be a posed shot as well, but at least it's a posed "action" shot, right?  Steve earns that "1961 Rookie" star logo in the upper-right by virtue of having played just 30 games over the course of 1957-58, by the way.
Steve Boros 1962 Topps (#62)
Ah yes, the classic wood grain design of '62.  There's nothing like the pairing of a classic card set and the "Olde English 'D.'"
Steve Boros 1962 Topps (#72) (with Bob Schafer and Jake Wood)
Steve actually appeared on two cards in the '62 set as he joined by fellow IF Jake Wood and '61-'63 manager Bob Scheffing, who went 101-61 in 1961 and finished SECOND, so I guess hooray for more playoff teams, right?  Here's the back if you're interested, courtesy of COMC:

Steve Boros 1964 Topps
This '64 issue is Steve's first and only as a member of the Cubs, for whom he appeared in 41 games in 1963.  I love the old Cubs logo on what's definitely another classic Topps vintage design.
Steve Boros 1965 O-Pee-Chee and Topps
Boros played in 117 games for the Reds in 1964, then two more the following year (as a defensive replacement only), so his '65 cards show him off in a Cincy uniform.  The two versions that year aren't terribly difficult to tell apart; OPC's says "Printed in Canada" on the back while Topps', of course, mentions the U. S. of A.  Based on my two copies, the Topps version also has a much brighter background on the back.  Another good looking design indeed.
Steve Boros 1983 Topps Traded
I believe I already covered this, but '83 was Steve's first of  parts of two seasons as manager of Oakland, and that year the team went 74-88.  '83 Traded is a set I don't usually hear much about, so this was a fun addition.
Steve Boros 1984 Topps
I think I also mentioned that Boros was canned by Oakland for various reasons after just 44 games in '84, but he still made it into the flagship set.  '86 is my oldest complete Topps set, hence my need to pick this one up.
Steve Boros 1987 Topps Tiffany
And what's an 80s Topps card without a Tiffany version to go with it?  Steve's 1986 Padres duplicated his '83 Oakland squad's record of 74-88 in his only season with the team.

If you counted 11 cards in today's post, first of all, congratulations, you've just completed all degree requirements for Michigan State.  You also might have guessed that I'm pretty close to completing his run, and if you did, you're right on.  Of his 16 issues I'm missing just his '86 Topps Traded Tiffany card, which I'll probably be picking up pretty soon!  

While I work on that, I'll show off more COMC stuff and trade packages very soon.

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