Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9-19-14 card show report: gorging on the dollar menu

Yes last weekend's game against Utah was a fiasco, but I still enjoyed my four-day weekend very much, including meeting my brand new niece, as I'd mentioned.

Before heading to Milwaukee Saturday for that celebration, I made a rare Friday trip to the soon-to-be-closed Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor for the monthly card show since I haven't spent much this month.  By the way, for my fellow collectors in the area, if you haven't heard, many of those same sellers will be putting on monthly shows at another nearby location.

Anyway, I threw down a reasonable $44 for a few things for me plus a BUNCH of trade bait for a few of you.  My first purchase was $30 for 22 $1 cards (all hits!) plus a nice autograph you can see over at TMV this evening.  The second was just $14 and included more trade bait, another cool signature featured at TMV, and the first card below.  All in all, another successful visit!

Here's what I grabbed:
Steve Boros 1963 Topps
The second seller had some vintage Topps grouped by year, and to my good fortune this Boros was available in the '63 bunch.  While it's just my third of his 16 so far, I've actually got more of his stuff from COMC to post soon so this actually filled a need, plus it was cheaper than anything I found online at $4.  Also, it's my oldest by far since the others I have hail from the 80s!

Everything else below came from the first seller and was just a buck apiece--yes, really!
Jamal Crawford 2004-05 Upper Deck Hardcourt Hardcourt Materials Player's Materials jersey
This cool jersey relic--featuring a nice big "M" even if it isn't for "Michigan"--is my first of Crawford, a Cleveland 2000 first-rounder who was quickly flipped to the Bulls, and that makes him the 12th player in my basketball collection.
Juwan Howard 2005-06 Topps 1952 Style Hardwood Classics jersey
I already had a jersey relic of Juwan, but this card was cool enough for me to grab for $1.  The shocking red swatch doesn't hurt, plus Howard was one of Michigan's most successful alumni in the league.
Tom Brady 2003 Fleer Authentix Ticket Studs jersey
The "Yes, really" from before is 100% the result of this card which really--SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS--cost me just a buck!  It's a fold-out kind of card so I scanned it as it was meant to be shown, then added the "front/back" as well.  It's a very nice Brady swatch that actually says "game-worn" instead of the dreaded "event" version, too, and is my fourth relic of the future HOFer overall.
Braylon Edwards 2005 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Relics Rare dual jersey (#45/75)
I don't usually pony up for relics anymore, especially guys from whom I already have a ton of cards like Bray-Bray here.  Still, I liked the look of this one plus the decently low numbering enough to make it my 56th hit of the...uh...outspoken former WR.
Ty Law 2004 SP Game-Used Authentic Fabrics jersey
It's hard enough to find hits of Law sometimes, never mind searching for cheap ones, so when I dug this one up I quickly added it to my pile.  The Super Bowl-winner can now claim three relics in my football PC.
Mike Cammalleri 2009-10 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabrics Gold jersey (#022/100)
Lastly (and STILL for just $1) I found this lovely numbered two-color swatch of one of the Michigan Hockey Mikes, in this case Cammalleri.  UD did a great job making the card's colors work with the Habs' signature jersey colors, and really for as cheap as it was I would have been fine with just a blue swatch, but instead I got upgraded to some white and numbering to 100!  This is my seventh hit of Cam.

It was a nice feeling to leave the place with a solid stack of trade bait and PC cards AND money in my pocket.  Don't forget to check out TMV for the rest of my haul, then watch your mailboxes soon for some new trade packages!


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    1. Thanks! So I guess the consensus is that $1 is reasonable to pay for a Brady relic?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Now that that show is over with I'll have to see if I can track down the same guy at other shows in the future--I love looking through $1 relics and autos! Especially when I can pick up trade bait.

  3. Ty Law should go to the HOF. Great Brady piece

    1. I agree 100%, and thanks for reading!