Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Michigan Gameday #3: vs. Miami of Ohio

After a miserable week two loss at Notre Dame, the Wolverines look to regroup against an even more miserable team in the form of the Miami of Ohio Redhawks, a squad that hasn't won a game in a long, long time.  At least they have an interesting history as the "Cradle of Coaches,"
and many of you probably recognize some of the guys in that image, especially the coach in the hat named "Schembechler."

Michigan's recent history against creampuffs hasn't been terribly inspiring, but hopefully today's game involves a LOT of playing time for the backups.  Time to forget the mistakes of last week and start winning again.


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    1. Honestly, I haven't been to one in-person since Jeff and I went to UM-Air Force in 2012. Good thing since we've sucked this year, and the ticket prices are still too high (I got free tickets to that game), but when things get better I'll probably hit up another few. I'd say your boys have definitely had some exciting home matchups this season, though.