Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 Blowout purchase: this lot has me feeling Blue

Well, Saturday's game didn't go as well as many of us hoped (to say the least), but it's time to move on, and what better way to do that than with some Wolverines of the past?

I haven't been very active in terms of buying on the Blowout forums in quite a while, but a few weeks ago a guy who must have seen my signature (which mentions my football PC) sent me a list of stuff he had available, and $13 delivered later I had these five cards in my mailbox:
First up is a 2011 UD Exquisite base card of one of Devin Funchess' predecessor's who wore the #1 jersey, Anthony Carter.  As usual, this card is suuuuuper thick, and that year's version is numbered to 75.  I love the shot of AC snagging yet another pass, and UD's college photo use and design are typically excellent.  What does it say about this package when this is the "least interesting" of the bunch?
Leon Hall 2007 Press Pass Legends All Conference Autographs Gold auto (#252/307)
Hell yeah, another Leon Hall Wolverines uni auto!  Some people don't care for Press Pass, but for the sets from the 2000s that weren't airbrushed, I say that's fine because that means more for me!  That includes this excellent piece honoring Hall as an all-Big Ten member in 2006, which makes sense since he was also an All-American along with teammate LaMarr Woodley.  I'm not sure why this is numbered to 307, but anyway, it's my 36th hit of Hall and I think it's great.
Tom Mack 2005 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Signatures auto
From another fantastic version of the amazing UD Legends set comes my first hit of another new member to the PC, former OG Tom Mack.  Another great who came to the Wolverines out of Ohio (the best ones always leave, naturally), Mack was a standout lineman in the mid-60s, then went to the LA Rams as the second overall pick in 1966.  He rewarded them with a 13-year career that included 162 starts out of 184 games and Pro-Bowl appearances in 11 of those seasons, meaning he definitely lived up to his billing.  That career was good enough to earn him permanent entry in Canton in 1999.

I usually save my superlatives for UD's college-themed sets, but the Legends brand is right up there with those, and based on Mack's card you can see why.  I love this design, and I'm thrilled to see that he has such a nice signature to tie up the package nicely.  Mack is most welcome to the PC as the 185th different player in it!
Chris Perry 2004 Press Pass Autographs Silver auto (#142/200)
And now we return to Press Pass for another college jersey hit!  I was surprised to find that this is actually my first card of Perry from that brand considering I have lots when it comes to other players.  The photo and horizontal design are great, so I'm happy to add this as my 39th hit of #23.
Anthony Thomas 2002 Fleer Tradition School Colors Memorabilia Duals shoe-jersey
When I originally saw this card in the seller's scan I thought I already had it, but I wasn't quite right about that--I do own one version of it with just a jersey relic.  This school pennant-style card ups the ante with a piece of shoe as well, a much less common inclusion.  Former teammate (on multiple teams!) David Terrell is also part of both versions so I hope to track him down as well.  As for A-Train, this is hit #35.

And to answer the question none of you have asked, with everything that I know of accounted for, my football total now stands at 920 as I shoot for the 1000 mark by the end of the year!

Stay tuned next for a few eBay scores, then eventually I'll get around to my latest round of COMC stuff as well.


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    1. Thanks, DB! It was a fun little lot to grab for the price.

  2. Great cards! I love the Anthony Thomas.

    1. Thanks, Matt! If you like the A-Train, you'll be happy to see the David Terrell I'll be posted from the same set.