Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 eBay purchases: the Henne Hill show

The title came to mind because of the subjects of today's post, but the play on the old show name is also apt for the state of the Big Ten after just three weeks:

Anyway, at least my Wolverines won, so lets celebrate with some cards!
Chad Henne 2008 Leaf Limited Slideshow auto (#40/50)
This sweet Henne is actually my most recent eBay purchase (and only pickup of this month as of this post), and I landed it for just a bit over $5 10 days ago, a low price that definitely surprised me.  I've said before that I really admire the Slideshow inserts and hits, which is no surprise as I can point out I have Chad's fellow draftee and teammate Jake Long from the same set.  This one scanned a bit better than Long's card, but as usual both look better in-person anyway.  Regardless of his NFL performance, I love picking up another great hit of Henne, my 67th, tying him with the aforementioned Long for first place in my football PC!

Rich Hill 2008 Topps Triple Threads 217A Emerald triple jersey auto (#36/50)
Switching gears (and sports) we now move on to my favorite baseball PC player, Rich Hill, who's done quite well in the Yanks' bullpen in the season's second half.  This card is my next-most-recent purchase as I won the auction late last month for just $6 shipped.  I'm particularly happy to add this 2008 Triple Threads issue because I now have all 10 of his solo cards in that product:  two versions each of "base," Emerald, Gold, Sapphire, and Sepia, ranging from 99 copies on down to 10.  Of his 18 non-1/1s in the set I'm short just four:  three versions of a triple relic/auto card alongside Johnny Cueto and Tom Gorzelanny, plus a final booklet including Sam Fuld.

Although these are cards I "have to" pursue in trying to collect Rich's PC, I've been happy to do so since I very much like the look of the '08 TTT set.  I also have a hard time finding much to dislike about almost any card that includes his autograph, of course.  Speaking of those, this is my 109th hit of Hill, and in terms of his PC, I now stand at 228/347, inching myself closer to the 2/3 mark.

With a couple interesting auctions ending early this week, hopefully I'll have more fun stuff to show off to you soon.  Until then, please enjoy the clown show that is 2014 Big Ten Football!


  1. You are going to end up getting the rainbow of Hill. Glad to see he is doing well with the Yanks.

    1. Definitely making some good progress there. I'm also curious to see where Rich ends up next year. Hopefully Clayton Richard and J.J. Putz are back in the Bigs as well!