Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Michigan Gameday #4: vs. Utah

The last time Michigan faced Utah, August 30, 2008, I was on my way with my family to meet my future sister-in-law in Chicago.  Michigan went down 22-10 at the half, but despite a decent comeback attempt in the 4th, and especially because of standout kicker Louie Sakoda, the Wolverines lost 25-23.  Little did anyone know that that Utah squad would go 12-0 and then defeat a top-10-ranked Alabama by 14 in the Sugar Bowl.  Michigan, meanwhile, would bounce back against Miami of Ohio the following week but win just two more games the rest of the year (including the crazy comeback at home against top-10 Wisconsin).

It's now six years later and I'm again on the road the day of the Utah game, and again for a very nice reason as my parents and I are on the way to meet my brand new niece who was born Wednesday evening.  I may not recall that 2008 game fondly, and for all I know the same thing may happen today in a game that's pretty much a coin flip, but I'll happily remember both days otherwise for personal reasons.

Oh yeah, and, uh,
what is a UTE?


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