Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week on MSO-Wolverines

It’s Sunday and time for another edition of, I love your tumblr account, but don’t follow it everyday, can I see it all here?  Well, yes you can.  Lots of great stuff this week, there are a lot of gif images so it may take some time to load.

Just like Dennis announced his new player collections this morning, I have a post planned for later in the week with my new PC’s and it will get posted here, as they are all former Wolverines so stay tuned.  I know Dennis will have fun with his new collections, how can you not when your picking up vintage cards.

Let’s get to todays post first though.  We’ll start off with some former Wolverines who just made the NBA.

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Repping the Block M in the league.<br />(via Nik Stauskas on Instagram)<br />

Glenn Robinson III, Nik Stauskas and Mitch McGary – For a Vine Video they did that I posted go to the following link, I can’t copy and paste it here.

Nik Stauskas

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Get up.<br />

TD Celebration

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Hail to the Organic Heisman Pose.  <br />(Sam Wolson/michigandaily)<br />

michiganathletics:<br /><br />#eating<br />

Denard Robinson

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Game of inches. <br />

Jake Butt

michiganathletics:<br /><br />✌️<br />

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Heisman.<br />

Desmond Howard

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Ciao.<br />

Devin Funchess

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Mine. <br />Tom Pidgeon/sportbygettyimages<br />

Braylon Edwards

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Knock it off, Jason Avant.<br />

Jason Avant

Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Michigan Football is hosting an open practice under the lights at Michigan Stadium on Saturday, August 16. Admission is free.<br />More Details&#160;»<br />

the Big House

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Look out.  <br />

Ray Taylor

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Jeremy Gallon hit the B button.<br />Jehu Chesson flicked the hit stick.<br />

Jeremy Gallon

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Happy birthday to the Fab 5’s Jimmy King.<br />

Jimmy King

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