Monday, August 18, 2014

Mail Monday means more Michigan Men!

Today was a good (mail) day that saw an awesome five envelopes grace my mailbox, and I can show off four of those over here today:

In order from "worst" to best, here's our first entry, which came as a result of a trade on Blowout:
A guy wanted an insert from a break I'd posted, and his $1 offer wasn't enough for me to want to sell, but I did work out a trade.  All I got back was this Glen Rice insert, but I was happy to help a guy with his collection and make a trade in the process, so I think it worked out.

Envelope #2 also came courtesy of a Blowout trade and included three cards:
Charles Woodson 1998 Metal Universe and Black Diamond RCs
A trader was interested in the Marquess Wilson auto I pulled from my 2013 SPx box break, and we quickly agreed to a trade we both liked.  He threw in the above Woodson RCs, and the Black Diamond was actually new to my collection.  It's not as pink as it scanned, just very reflective.  Not bad for throw-ins!
Denard Robinson 2013 Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Oversize jersey (#07/99)
And here's the centerpiece of my end of the trade:  a nice oversized Denard Jags RPM jersey.  I don't usually trade autographs for relics, but I didn't mind in this case since I'm a fan of Denard, plus we both got something we wanted.  My first Shoelace relic is my 7th of Robinson overall.

And finally I received two eBay cards I won last week.  For some reason they arrived in a pair of envelopes.
Bobby Korecky 2008 SP Authentic Gold auto (#04/50)
Bobby Korecky is a guy I'm supercollecting, and though he has just seven cards to chase, a few of them have been elusive, like this Gold parallel of his 2008 SPA auto/RC.  50 copies doesn't make it overly rare, but I suppose the fact that his run is so small means lots of people don't bother listing his stuff.  Fortunately for me, I was able to nab this one fairly cheaply (more on that in a minute).  For now it's my fifth of Korecky's seven, all but one of which are autos; his remaining two cards I need are also signed.
Denard Robinson 2013 Panini Father's Day Score Hot Rookies auto (#17/34)
And hey, it's Denard #2 on the day!  As usual I browsed the seller's other listings and he had this Robinson available that I didn't expect to win...especially not for $3.25 before shipping!  Did you notice how low the numbering is?  The tiny signature over part of the "T" in "HOT" makes it a little goofy, but for just a few bucks it's another fun addition to my Denard collection, and with shipping I got both of these cards for just $7.50!

That's about as fun of a multiple-envelope mailday as I've had in a while!  I have one more small package from Blowout incoming soon, and I should have some COMC loot to show off within a week or two, but before then it'll likely be back to the TK Legacy autographs series.


  1. Dude WHAT on the Denard. That is a crazy steal

    1. Sometimes eBay is kind to you (but usually it isn't!)

  2. Nice trades! I actually just found a Michigan card that I need to send you. Nothing big, but you will like it.

    1. Thanks, and sounds great! I'm almost ready to send some stuff back your way too.