Thursday, August 21, 2014

New and Old Collections

Jeff here, if you follow me at My Sports Obsession, then you know I announced some more player collections for myself.  If you follow, you also know that I only purchase cards for $.50 and cheaper so on the occasions I do post new cards here, they won’t be the really nice cards that Dennis shows you, but much cheaper cards.  Also, I got tired of all the scanning so I post pictures from COMC mostly, some ebay or other sources I can find so they aren’t as nice as well.  Most of them will probably be base cards, but, they are all Michigan Wolverines, and that’s all that matters.  First I’ll show you a card that I grabbed for my Michigan collection.

Juwan Howard /24900


1994 Classic Classic Picks

Juwan Howard

A fab fiver.  I’ve probably mentioned it before but watching the fab five is what started my love for the Michigan Wolverines so I’m always ecstatic to grab one of their cards from their college days.

Picked up for $.44



Now, for my latest collections.  I followed all of their collegiate careers as I try to watch every Michigan football and basketball game and they all should have pro cards now so why not?  I get them cheap anyways, they won’t cost me much at all.  Here’s all the new collections I’ve added.

  1. Tim Hardaway jr collection
  2. Trey Burke collection
  3. Glen Robinson III collection
  4. Mitch McGary collection
  5. Nik Stauskas collection
  6. Denard Robinson collection
  7. Taylor Lewan collection

So which player collection do I get started first?  Well, technically, I do have a couple of cards from a couple of the collections.  I think Dennis sent me a Taylor Lewan card before.  The Lewan is in a Michigan uniform so it’s in the Michigan collection but when Dennis sent it to me, I actually had already purchased one so I can use the other one for that collection.

Taylor Lewan


2014 Upper Deck

Taylor Lewan

My kids actually have his autograph, that we picked up at Fan Appreciation day, on posters.  While we were in line, he walked right next to me to hug somebody he recognized and for those that don’t know, I’m 6’3”, 280 lbs and when he walked by me, I felt like a dwarf.  He’s freaking huge.


Denard Robinson


2013 Panini Prestige Football Prestigious Picks Black Rookie #d 18/25

Denard Robinson

The photo is a different version as the one I have is numbered to /25.  I think either Dennis or my cousin sent me this card.  I wasn’t collecting him at the time but I think I stuck it in one of the sleeves in my books so I must have thought that I would collect him eventually.  Hopefully he’ll get some more playing time this year, probably not, but I know he’s had some decent stats in preseason.



So, if those 2 player collections are already started, have you figured out which one I got on ebay that I decided to start all these player collections? 

Tim Hardaway Jr.


2013-14 Panini Prizm HRX Rookies

Tim Hardaway jr

Tim was up and down at Michigan but he’s had a pretty productive rookie season for the Knicks.  I ran across this card while searching for Michigan cards and thought, why shouldn’t I, I like him, I’ve followed him for awhile, why the hell not?  Then I started thinking about the guys that went pro in the last couple of years and figured I’m going for it.



So there you go, new player collections and hopefully it will give me a reason to post here more often then just on Sundays.  Although I haven’t really come across too many of their cards cheap enough, but eventually I will.

I chose my game for this year so it looks like I will be heading to A2 on September 27th for the Minnesota game.  Maybe I’ll see you there.


  1. That is cool Michigan has produced so many professionals the last few years. WVU has been struggling putting guys in the professional ranks.

    1. Agreed about Michigan's grads, but you've gotten a pretty good number of guys to the NFL and a few NBAers as well.