Monday, July 14, 2014

7-13-14 card show report: Wolverine Wonderland

Earlier this evening on TMV I showed off some pickups from a card show I hit up yesterday, just my second of the year after going in April.  Over just two purchases I spent $31 on PC stuff and trade bait broken down into quarter, $0.50, $1, and $2 cards.  Here's the Michigan stuff from that haul:
Les Cain-Dave Campbell 1969 Topps RC
Although I was happy to pick up a cool vintage multiplayer Tigers RC, this one was also an accidental Wolverine pickup as Campbell (nicknamed "Soup," of course) played in Ann Arbor.  You now I love those Wolverine/Tiger double dips.  I count just 10 cards in his PC, so I may try to track those down too!
Bill Freehan 2006 Greats of the Game Copper (#022/299)
Milestone #1 today comes courtesy of another surprise, though I at least knew this guy was definitely a Michigan player.  I hadn't seen one of these Copper Freehans from the excellent '06 GotG set before, so I happily nabbed it, only to see it become PC card #75 of the catching great!
Dan Dierdorf 1976 and 1977 Topps
Next up, I dug out a pair of consecutive Dan Dierdorf vintage issues, both of which I think I found in the quarter box.  The left image just screams "face of a tackle" to me, while the right highlights his third straight Pro Bowl selection, and second in a row as a first-teamer.
Braylon Edwards 2011 Topps Chrome Refractor
A Braylon Refractor for a quarter?  Sure thing!  This one didn't scan well, at least in terms of showing off the card's Refractorness, but I've won that coin flip before, so it all evens out.
Desmond Howard 1996 Donruss Pres Proof
Alone with Braylon came this sweet insert of his Heisman-winning predecessor in the form of one of Donruss' venerable Press Proof cards.  This '96 version, "limited" to 2000 copies, also has a die-cut football helmet right next to his name.  Those two are nice additions to my football insert collection.
Ronald Bellamy 2003 SAGE HIT Autographs Emerald auto
I don't know if you'll believe me that this card set me back $2 while the next one was just a buck, but that's how things shook out.  The same guy that had the quarter/$0.50 boxes had this in his hits so I happily included it with some other stuff, and now I have four signatures of the "underachieving all-star."
Charles Woodson 2000 Fleer Tradition Feel the Game jersey
Who prices a Woodson relic at a buck?  Someone who's AWESOME in my opinion, assuming I'm the one who ends up with it.  The first guy from whom I purchased cards had lots of great stuff for $1 and $2 each, and that's where most of my money went yesterday, especially when it came to some fun trade bait for you guys.  For me, I landed my 10th hit of one of my favorite ever Wolverines, and another nice piece for the football PC.
Mike Cammalleri 2007-08 Upper Deck Be a Player Signatures autuo
Mike Knuble 2009-10 Be A Player Signatures auto
Steve Shields 1998-99 Be A Player Autographs auto
Lastly, the $1/$2 guy had a nice pile of hockey autos I wanted to grab, some of which are trade bait, and three of which are these Wolverines out of the extremely useful Be-A-Player brand.  In a nice look at the evolution of the set (not that they're displayed in chronological order), I ended up with 'graphs of hockey Mikes Cammalleri and Knuble, plus goalie Steve Shields on another card I somehow didn't have.  Those guys now own six, four, and seven hits in my hockey PC, respectively, as I close in on the 150-card mark.

I'm very happy with how far my $31 went yesterday, and I look forward to your reactions as soon as I can get the trade bait stuff out in the mail.  As for me, it's back to COMC/eBay/trade pickups and more soon!

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