Thursday, February 6, 2014

COMC/JustCommons/Sportlots 2013 roundup part 6: Steve-O

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I've been sitting on a bunch of purchases from late 2013 that needed to be recorded, scanned, and posted, and I'm finally getting around to those.  In many cases I may just mash up purchases by player instead of online store to make things easier.  We'll see just how many posts I get out of this series, which I'm going to abbreviate COMC-JC-SL 2013.

I'm back today with a fat stack of cards of Steve Ontiveros.  You might remember Steve from such posts as this MMMM introduction.  Well if you liked that post you'll definitely enjoy this one as I added 46(!) new Ontiveros cards to his PC!  Here's just a few highlights, but hit that link to see the results of this latest update, courtesy of COMC (9 cards), Justcommons (28), and Sportlots (9):

Steve Ontiveros 1986 Donruss RC
Steve Ontiveros 1986 Fleer RC
Since I already have his '86 Topps RC, this gives me Steve's rookie trifecta.  I think I'd give Donruss the nod by a hair over Fleer, with Topps bringing up the rear.

Steve Ontiveros 1987 Donruss Highlights
This one's a bit oddball-ish, but normal enough to meet my requirements to count as a PC checklist card.  The back notes that Ontiveros earned the honor as a swingman for the '87 A's, going 5-0 with 23 strikeouts, a shutout, and a 0.66 ERA in four starts.  What's especially fun is the card referring to Oakland as ...a surprise pennant contender in 1987, thanks to hindsight, of course.

Steve Ontiveros 1986 Topps Tiffany
Steve Ontiveros 1987 Fleer Glossy
Steve Ontiveros 1988 Score Glossy
Steve Ontiveros 1989 Topps Traded Tiffany
Steve Ontiveros 1990 Bowman Tiffany
Like most other players included in sets from these years, Steve had a bunch of glossy/Tiffany parallels.  In total, I added all nine of those cards, ranging from 1986-1990, from Topps/Bowman, Fleer, and Score.

Steve Ontiveros 1995 Score Platinum Team Sets
Like Scott Kamieniecki, I landed a team set card of Ontiveros as well.  Those are the only two players represented from the group I collect to completion, but Hal Morris, Barry Larkin, Jim Abbott, and Chris Sabo are also included in the almost 600-card set.

Steve Ontiveros 1995 Select Certified
Though it doesn't scan terribly well, this '95 Select Certified is a cool card.  Still, it's really just a teaser of what's to come:  the famous Mirror Gold parallel.  I'll try to land one soon!

Steve Ontiveros 1996 Fleer Tiffany
Steve Ontiveros 1996 Fleer
Well, I've done it for everyone else--time to show off the base and Tiffany versions of Steve's 1996 Fleer card!  I'll have to look, but I may have both versions of all the Wolverines in the set at this point.

Steve Ontiveros 1996 Stadium Club Exteme Bronze
Steve Ontiveros 1996 Stadium Club Extreme Players Gold
Steve Ontiveros 1996 Stadium Club
Here's Ontiveros' '96 Stadium Club base along with a couple parallels; I'm still shy three cards:  Silver, Extreme Players Silver, and Members Only.  That's six total parallels to go along with the base card--remember when it seemed like THAT was a lot?  How quaint....

Like I mentioned earlier, I added a ridiculous 46 cards to Steve's PC, and that gives him a new total of 56/71 total issues, bumping me to over 80%!  I actually have a run of 31 straight cards, stopping at a couple '95 Donruss issues, and of course I know enough math to figure out that I need just 13 more to complete his run.  That gives me a reasonable shot to achieve that goal by the end of the year; after all, it's only February.

There's still plenty to go in this series, though I'm hoping to return with another trade post shortly!

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