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COMC/JustCommons/Sportlots 2013 roundup part 3: A LOT of Scott

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I've been sitting on a bunch of purchases from late 2013 that needed to be recorded, scanned, and posted, and I'm finally getting around to those.  In many cases I may just mash up purchases by player instead of online store to make things easier.  We'll see just how many posts I get out of this series, which I'm going to abbreviate COMC-JC-SL 2013.

I'm back today with just one player, but with good reason!  Of all the players I picked up during this project, Scott Kamieniecki was the biggest haul, netting me 12 cards from COMC, 18 from JustCommons, and a crazy 30 from Sportlots.  That's right, I ended up with 60 new Kamienieckis!  Since my previous total was a measly five, this was a quantum leap for Scott's collection, and I now have 65 of his 89 issues, good for almost 75%.

As usual, I won't be showing off all 60 cards, because that would be crazy.  Here's a few highlights, and after enjoying them you can always check out the full album here.
Scott Kamieniecki 1991 Donruss Rookies RC
Scott Kamieniecki 1991 Fleer Update RC
Scott Kamieniecki 1991 Stadium Club RC
Scott Kamieniecki 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition RC
Scott has five 1991 RCs, and since I already had his '91 Topps Traded, I've caught 'em all.  I'm just short the Tiffany version of the latter when it comes to his 1991 cards.  My favorite of the bunch is the Stadium Club as those early sets featured a reprint of the player's RC on the back, meaning Scott's showed that very card, Inception-like:
I also wanted to point out how similar his '92 Stadium Club base card looks:
The back of THAT card looks like this:

Scott Kamieniecki 1992 Topps Micro
Scott Kamieniecki 1993 Topps Micro
These teeny tiny cards are kind of goofy, but if you just consider them a fun little novelty, they're fine.  At the other end of the idiotic spectrum, approaching full Ann Coulter, there's 2013 Bowman Chrome Mini, a factory set that will include a random number of parallels and...that's it.  CONSUME.  Anyway, I'm just glad these didn't get lost during shipping and after I opened them!

Scott Kamieniecki 1993 Stadium Club First Day Issue
Anybody remember how crazy rare these were at the time?  Only 2000 made?!  I don't think I saw one until many years later since I was only 10 when these came out and didn't start going to shows until I was older.  That and the Internet wasn't a major thing at the time.  Anyway, take THAT, 1993 self!

Scott Kamieniecki 1993 Topps Inaugural Marlins
Scott Kamieniecki 1993 Topps Inaugural Rockies
Here's another bit of a gimmicky thing, but it's kinda sorta ok.  Topps honored the two new '93 expansion teams with factory sets whose cards featured stamps commemorating the Marlins and Rockies.  I won't say they used the logos since that's not quite what happened here, but the point is clear.  I got both cheap enough that I didn't feel like I was overpaying for just a stamp. 

Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Finest
Kamieniecki's Finest appearances from 1993, the set's inaugural release, and 1998, when his last cards were made, include 1994.  He missed out on the iconic '93 set, but did manage to find his way into the '94 "Skittles Vomit" set.  I don't know if anybody calls it that, it's just a difficult color scheme to describe, but I'm not googling that!  I still need the Refractor if anyone has one.

Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection
Scott Kamieniecki 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection
As I did a few times yesterday, I'm once again highlighting the huge improvement between the '94 and '95 Museum Collection sets since I once again scored both.  I think my approval of the latter stems from the fact that the effect is a bit more subtle; the lines on the '94 are too harsh and jarring compared to the '95.  Both feature pretty cool photos, though.

Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Stadium Club Golden Rainbow
I included this one today for just one reason:  not only is this a card from the Label Maker set, it's a GOLDEN RAINBOW LABEL MAKER CARD!

Scott Kamieniecki 1995 Score Platinum Team Sets
These cards are kind of a cool parallel of the already pretty solid base.  Besides Kamienicki, I also managed to find one of Steve Ontiveros, and you'll see that one before long.  The interesting rainbow explosion static pattern just works for some reason.

Scott Kamieniecki 1996 Fleer
Scott Kamieniecki 1996 Fleer Tiffany
Finally, here's another '96 Fleer/Tiffany parallel.  At the rate I'm picking up the base cards, I should probably just get myself a complete set, though I might already have all the Wolverines from it by now.  Again, each version is great on its own, marking a rare instance of a base card and its parallel (just ONE parallel, Topps) achieving harmony.  Go '96 Fleer!

Once again, I'll be back with more soon!

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