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COMC/JustCommons/Sportlots 2013 roundup part 7: Kelly's maize & blue book

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I've been sitting on a bunch of purchases from late 2013 that needed to be recorded, scanned, and posted, and I'm finally getting around to those.  In many cases I may just mash up purchases by player instead of online store to make things easier.  We'll see just how many posts I get out of this series, which I'm going to abbreviate COMC-JC-SL 2013.

Because my last post was 100% football, I scrapped the idea of covering that sport in this post as well, but I'll probably go with those next time.  Instead, you're getting treated to another baseball PC in which I made major headway:  Kelly Dransfeldt.  You might remember Kelly from this post in which I showed off all three cards I had in his budding PC, with one of them being a Minor League issue I didn't count toward his goal.  I'm happy to say that through my purchases for this product I added 17 new cards, 16 of which do count for my quest to acquire all 45 of his regular issues, as well as anything else I can find.  COMC was useful once again, chipping in seven of today's pickups while Justcommons upped the ante with nine!  Sportlots trailed the pack with just one card,  but does have more available for future purchases.

Here's a rundown of the new additions:
Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Bowman RC
Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Bowman Chrome RC
Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Bowman International
Dransfeldt has nine cards between 1999 Bowman and Chrome, so these give me a third of that run.  I still have three numbered parallels to chase, but these days, that's peanuts!  The '99 sets suffer from a standard case of Too Big Border, including the HUGE signature area, but look pretty nice otherwise.  The International parallel is actually one of the better ones Topps did, favoring a background of the player's home town instead of a less interesting map or flag motif.

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Bowman's Best RC
Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Bowman's Best Refractor (#359/400)
While the '99 Bowman's Best design isn't as strong as others, including the following year's, it's nothing that can't be fixed with a little Refractor action!  What I like about seeing these cards side-by-side is the way the Refractor highlights the lines in Kelly's uniform, from his helmet down to his shoes.  How cool is that?!

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Revolution Shadow Series (#45/99)
This card is an example of one of those weird cases where you end up with a much rarer version of something than the base card.  I haven't scored KD's Revolution base RC, but I did manage to pick up one of the three numbered parallels (Premiere Date and Red round out the trio) for a pretty reasonable $2.  As far as this set goes, it's one of the...uh...not as eye-melting?...products Pacific put out in the 90s.  One of the other minor gripes I've always had with the brand, as much as I like numbered cards, is that they didn't use real serial-number foil stamping.  But this is still sort of an interesting card as one of a few Dransfeldt inserts I now own.

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 SkyBox Premium RC
Dransfeldt appeared on "just" eight different RCs in 1999, which is actually somewhat surprising considering the sheer number of brands that existed then (as opposed to Topps and its two-sets-per-week pace).  Of those, four were made by Topps, two by Fleer, and one each by Pacific and Upper Deck.  The other Fleer card is a numbered Mystique issue I still have to chase down.  Here, though, we have something from the pretty cool Skybox Premium set which includes a nice amount of foil and--my favorite--no border!  The photographer also caught Dransfeldt shifting in- or out-of-phase, which might be a first in the hobby.  By the way, with Spring Training kicking into high gear, this card is extra appropriate right about now.

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Team Best auto
As I mentioned earlier in the post, I don't include Minor League stuff as part of a player's collecting goal, but I do include an "other" section in their spreadsheet for just that reason.  This is not only my second such card, it's also my first Dransfeldt auto--and it'll be the only one, because that's as many as were made during his career!  If you were wondering about that "milestones" tag for those post (you always look at those, right?), here's your reason--Kelly is player #20 in my Michigan Baseball PC, which is a fun mark to hit.

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Topps Gold Label Class 1 RC
Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Topps Gold Label Class 3
Two of the prettiest cards today come from Topps' second Gold Label set.  Dransfeldt has nine cards in the set:  "base," Black, and Red versions of Class 1, 2, and 3, with the cards getting increasingly tough to pull as the "class" increases.  As Baseballcardpedia helpfully explains, "each Class 1 card has the player's team logo in the background. Class 2 shows the player's hat logo, while Class 3 has the team wordmark."  COMC provided the Class 1 while I found a good price on the Class 3 on Sportlots.  These are fantastic looking (and border-less!) cards, and I'm looking forward to scoring the rest.

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Upper Deck Encore RC
Encore was one of those parallel "re-do" sets you fortunately don't see too much of nowadays.  Feature-wise, it's a bit of an upgrade over the flagship set (which was solid), though it's hard to consider it anything but superfluous.  Oh well, it's shiny!

Kelly Dransfeldt 2000 Bowman Chrome
Kelly Dransfeldt 2000 Bowman Chrome Retro-Future
Kelly Dransfeldt 2000 Bowman Retro-Future
2000 Bowman/Chrome is a slight improvement over the 1999 version in terms of number of cards--seven instead of nine.  I already have the 2000 Bowman base by virtue of owning the full set, and along with these three--including the 1955 Bowman "tv set"-like Retro/Future cards--I'm more than halfway there; three Refractors remain.

Kelly Dransfeldt 2000 Fleer Tradition Glossy
Kelly Dransfeldt 2000 SkyBox Dominion (with Kolb)
Kelly Dransfeldt 2000 Ultra
Three 2000 Fleer product cards close things out for the day.  The Glossy is a parallel of another card I had from a complete set; those are "limited" to 10000 copies, but not actually numbered for some reason.  No worries, it's still a set I like quite a bit.  The Dominion prospects card with Kolb (who had a longer and more valuable career) is part of a subset of ANOTHER complete set I own, but I never chased that part of it because I didn't consider the project to be worth it, being 50 short-printed cards an all.  The Ultra hails from another of Fleer's gorgeous sets under that brand, featuring beautiful, colorful photos and--yep, you guessed it--a border-less design!  The Gold and Platinum Medallion cards are on my wantlist, so if you see them, please let me know.

Thanks to these pickups, I went from two to 18 cards in Dransfeldt's collection for a new total of 40%.  Things get a bit tougher (and pricier) from here, but rest assured, he'll continue to be part of my future purchases from this post's triumvirate.

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