Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Blowout purchase #1: the OMG Michigan lot!

I've still got a bunch of 2013 stuff to post, but I was pretty excited when I picked up this lot, so this is what you get to see today.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a guy on Blowout dumping a lot of Michigan football stuff--especially players in Michigan unis.  I made a list that totaled around $60 or more, and I asked him for a price, expecting to have to cut a bunch of stuff out.  That wasn't a problem as he gave me what I listed and a BUNCH more for a ridiculous $30 delivered.  Also, he was in nearby Brighton so it took almost no time to arrive, but that's beside the point because I scored something like 40 cards for just $30!  A decent chunk went straight to my PC, and you'll see those in a bit; lots more were doubles, and I duly packaged those up for Jeff to enjoy.  I nabbed so much stuff that I couldn't help but call it the "OMG Michigan lot."  Here's my haul, and maybe sometime soon Jeff will treat you to his portion of the deal.

Mike Martin 2012 Crown Royale Green (#33/49)
This Crown parallel is the only non-hit in the bunch, but I was happy enough with it as a throw-in, especially considering the paltry price I paid.

B.J. Askew 2003 TK Legacy auto
Well, really, who ISN'T excited when they get a B.J.  Hell, this is my 6th B.J., and I remember every single one of them fondly.  This Askew is one of three new TK Legacy autos I grabbed today, and as a reminder you can see my entire collection of those here.  By the way, what do you think he's pointing at in this picture?  I bet some guy made yet another B.J. joke and he was like "Ahhhhhh!  You got me!"
Alan Branch 2007 Press Pass SE Gridiron Graphs Gold auto
Hey everybody, did you know that Alan Branch ki--
--right, yeah, Alan Branch kills QBs.  I guess I've mentioned that a few times.  Since this is my 15th Branch hit (all autos), I've probably said that MORE than a few times.

Shawn Crable 2008 SPx Silver Holofoil Rookies auto (#17/99)
Alphabetically, this is the first card from the lot I glanced at and assumed I already had.  Fortunately, I looked a bit closer and found out that it's a lower-numbered parallel version of his RC from the same set, so I DID need it after all.  As usual, his signature leaves a bit to be desired, but the rest of the design works well with the classic Michigan uni.
Shawn Crable-Jamar Adams 2008 Donruss Elite College Ties Autographs dual auto (#04/50)
And Crable comes right back on one of the day's two two-player cards, this one coming from the excellent 2008 Elite set, which is chock full of Wolverines in their college uniforms, a set that was clearly designed for college fans like yours truly.  Joining him is safety Jamar Adams, making just his second appearance on this blog after this solo auto; Crable, by the way, lands just one card shy of double digits.
Leon Hall 2007 Topps Draft Senior Standout jersey
Believe it or not, this is just my third relic of the talented but injured Bengals DB.  It's not just that I've focused on autographs either, as his signature just seems to be way more prevalent than relics, a bias I'm super happy about.  I'd say "senior standout" is an apt description of a guy who appeared in 50 college contests, wouldn't you?
Leon Hall-Prescott Burgess 2007 Topps Draft Senior Standout Jersey Combos dual jersey
The other multiplayer card hails from the same set, but this time Hall gets the benefit of a much cooler jersey swatch.  Joining him is former LB Prescott Burgess, whose name makes it sound like he time-traveled straight from 18th century America.  Oddly enough, my other Burgess hit is the solo version from the exact same set!  In stark contrast to his collection, Leon Hall jumps past another small milestone to 31 cards!
Marcus Knight 2000 Fleer Tradition Autographics Silver auto (#035/250)
And now we have the next card I thought I already had, although a closer inspection revealed that this is the Silver version numbered to 250, and not the "base" version I already own.  They both look outstanding, with an excellent college photo paired with a large looping signature.  Strangely enough, though you see the "Draft 2000" logo on the right, Knight went undrafted that year!
Mike Martin 2012 Panini Contenders Playoff Ticket auto (#71/99)
Here's Mike Martin #2, this time a hit, which also proves to be the combo breaker--it's the only non-Wolverines uniform card!  I'm not as picky about those, though, as roughly 2/3 of my football hits feature non-college uniforms.  This particular card is what I consider to be a much better looking parallel of the "base" RC I already have.  This is now my 6th hit of the star DL, and oddly enough, with four NFL versions, the 2/3 ratio holds perfectly true for Martin!
Brandon Minor 2010 Sweet Spot Signatures manuhelmet auto RC (#074/400)
Outside of the three new TK Legacy cards, this was my favorite of the bunch, not just because it looks great, but because it completes the Minor trifecta from the set for me!  Four years ago around the time this set came out, I struck out on pulling either Michigan Brandon in the set--Minor and Graham--but landed a version each in separate purchases.  I finished up Graham's trio at some point not long ago, but in this case I needed the most common version, numbered to 400, to go with the variations /250 and /100.  While I'm at it, I now own 100% of Brandon Minor's football cards!
Chris Perry 2004 SAGE HIT Autographs Gold auto (#172/250)
I still like some of those older SAGE designs, but this set's sticker isn't very scan-friendly!  If you don't have the card in-hand, it's very difficult to make out the signature or hand-numbering, so just take my word for it that they're there.  At least the excellent photo of the 2003 Heisman third runner-up is easy to see.  This is my 33rd hit of #23.
Michael Taylor (LB) 2006 TK Legacy auto
The second TK Legacy auto on the day is collection newcomer Michael Taylor.  I noted his position in the caption (and in my PC list) as a more recent player with the same name was a Wolverines QB.  THIS Taylor indeed lined up at LB from 1969-71, and was an All-American selection his senior year.  The Jets took him 20th overall in 1972, a draft that featured 10 Wolverines selected.
Rick Volk 2004 TK Legacy auto
Volk, (along with his beautiful signature) is our other new member today.  The Ohio native may have surprised some by spurning OSU in favor of Michigan, but not his uncle, legendary QB/RB Bob Chappuis, who did a nice job of instilling anti-Buckeye sentiment in his nephew.  Volk played the same offensive positions as his uncle, while also playing in the defensive backfield.  An All-American his senior year, he was drafted by the Colts in 1967 as a safety, and later added the Giants and Dolphins to his 12-year career which also included three Pro Bowl selections, being named a a first-team All-Pro, and a Super Bowl ring in 1970-71 (Super Bowl V).
Gabe Watson 2006 Press Pass Autographs Silver auto (#139/200)
As he often does, Big Gabe Watson closes things out by the grace of alphabetical order.  The day's last card is also the last one I worried I already owned until it turned out to be a slightly different version; I had the Bronze version (unnumbered), but the silver is new to my collection, and thus I have my sixth hit of the behemoth of a defensive star.

And in case you're curious about my latest football PC count (and didn't bother to look to your right), I'm now just 12 cards shy of 800!

Ok, with that excitement over, I should be back to the COMC-JC-SL 2013 posts shortly.


  1. OMG Michigan lot is a perfect description because that's what I said after I picked up my jaw off the floor and that was just the cards you sent me. I do have them scanned and cataloged in my have lists, it's just a matter of getting the post together.

    1. Yeah man, no idea when I'll find another lot like THAT at that kind of price. And I'm looking forward to your post on the football stuff I sent ya.